Recover Everything with these top 5 Iphone Data Recovery Apps of 2019

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Is your phone data protected? Are you really sure about this?

Well, we all hold valuable data in our phone and without being any surprised that data is always at risk of being lost. Losing data from the phone is quite common nowadays and it can happen to anyone and due to any reason.

Even if you are using an advanced phone like iPhone, you still are at risk of losing your data. If you too are dealing with the fear of losing your valuable data, then you can use the suitable iPhone data recovery software for keeping it safe.


There are some suitable apps available in the market which can help you to recover back your data. Interested in knowing about the best apps? Here we have discussed some of the iPhone data recovery apps that you can use with all the reliability to make your data secure and protected.

Can you recover data from iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to recover your lost data from an iPhone. Though a lot of this depends on the software which is being used but it is feasible to get the data back by using the available software.

Is it safe to use a recovery tool?

Yes, the various safety tools available to recover data from iPhone are safe to download and use along with the assurance to recover the data in the best possible form. Though the level of safety depends upon the software or app that you are using but overall almost all the apps offer the appropriate level of safety.

What is iPhone data recovery?

In simple words, it represents the process which aims to manage the data recovery from iPhone. You can use the available secured apps to get all the data of texts, contacts, photos, videos, etc. back on your phone without paying anything for that.

Now, with all this information, let us look at the top 5 apps of iPhone data recovery.

Top 5 iPhone Data Recovery Apps of 2019

  1. Ghiosoft iPhone Data Recovery

Gihosoft Iphone Data Recovery

Have different types of data to be recovered from an iPhone? Don’t worry; Ghiosoft software for data recovery is the perfect companion for that.

The app is quick and effective in helping the users to recover their data of multiple formats. On average, the app can be used to recover 16 data types. The app can be used to recover the data which,

  • gets accidentally lost
  • gets lost via locked phone
  • gets lost because of phone damage

On top of its ability to recover the data effectively, this app is available for free, which is also one of the main benefits which should not be overlooked.

Without any second thoughts, this iPhone data recovery software can be considered as the best software to recover data from iPhone. You will be totally satisfied with the use of this data recovery app for iPhone.


  • Recovers 16+ data type
  • Can be used for both old and new iOS versions
  • Recovery from phone, iCloud and iTunes
  • Fast recovery


  • Pro version of the software is not available for free
  1. Ease Us iPhone Data Recovery:

Easeus Iphone Recovery

If you are in a hurry to recover your lost files, then there can be no better app than Ease Us for that. The app is simply fast and accurate to collect all the data recover from iPhone. Thanks to the easy navigation and easy user-interface, the app is easy on hands while accessing.

You also don’t need to have in-depth technical knowledge for using the offered features. Just a little information would do. Isn’t the app doing complete justice to its name?

The app also offers a detailed step-by-step guide about the execution of the various processes. This again proves to be beneficial for the beginners who are accessing the data recovery app for the very first time. This is complete iOS device recovery software which can be used for varying versions of iOS without any hassles.


  • Fast and effective data scanning and recovery
  • Friendly user-interface
  • Detailed step-by-step guide
  • Data recovery from device, iCloud and iTunes


  • Might face some connectivity issues
  1. Imyfone iPhone Data Recovery:

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you can recover all the data of your iPhone from one single app or software? Well, this Imyfone software offers you the same benefit for recovering your iPhone data without any struggles.

imyfone data recovery

This app offers you the advantage to recover 20 different types of data just with its easy and simple access. The users get 4 smart recovery modes from which they can choose the one that they prefer.

It also offers a preview of the data which is to be recovered with its name and structure so that the users can be sure of the data. This also helps the users to be particular of what data they wish to recover back and which they don’t. The option of detailed preview does make the recovery process easy and convenient in lot many ways.

Coming to the data which you can recover using this software, you get the following:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • App messages
  • iMessages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Memos, and many more

The app also does complete justice to the people who are not tech-savvy as it requires very minimal technical expertise for its operations. The app is a complete yes for all the users who want to recover their data in a hassle-free manner.


  • Easy to access
  • Friendly user-interface and navigation
  • High compatibility with the latest iOS versions
  • Easy recovery of 20 different data types


  • Time-consuming scanning process
  1. Wondershare iPhone Data Recovery:

This is another good iPhone data recovery software available. The app works in complete detail for recovering the lost data directly from iPhone, iCloud and iTunes without any struggles and problems. It is simply designed for offering the maximum ease to the users, struggling with recovering the data.

Wondershare Iphone Data Recovery

It offers complete protection and accuracy in recovering the data which is lost because of:

  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Phone damage or broking
  • Accidental deletion, etc.

The software has easy navigation and easy to use interface which further makes it really convenient for the users to try it on their own. It is globally used software as it also offers a version for Android devices, for recovering the data from them. You can expect to get complete accuracy and efficiency while restoring the data.

Overall this software can be viewed as the perfect combination of speed, simplicity, efficiency, performance, and proficiency.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Preview option available
  • Quick and fast response
  • Simplicity in operation
  • Operation modules are easy to understand


  • Pro version is expensive
  • Cannot save any data with its free version
  1. Stellar iPhone Data Recovery:

This is another amazing app for recovering the data from an iPhone. One great advantage that you can get from using this software is the fact that it can be used even for the earlier versions of iPhones such as iPhone 4, etc.

The app is so designed that it can be easily handled and accessed even by a non-tech savvy person. It does not require any technical expertise for handling its features. You also get the benefit of selective recovery feature with which you get the preview of the backup and then can choose the files and data to recover from iPhone.

Stellar Iphone Data Recovery

The app is reliable and can be totally trusted to get back the data in the best possible manner. Though it takes time for scanning but the overall performance is really appreciable.


  • User-friendly interface
  • iCloud backup recovery
  • Recovers data with total security
  • Compatible with older iOS versions
  • Offers a preview of the recovery files
  • Can also be used to recover larger files


  • Scanning is a bit slow

Final Conclusion:

These are the top iPhone data recovery software available in the market which can offer you the desired help to get your data back. All the above are simple to use and thus can be accessed by anyone, even the ones who are not tech-savvy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Use any of these apps and be sure of the fact to get your data back on your iPhone.

Comment below, which of these apps you would prefer to use? Also, write to us at  if you have any concerns with the apps. We will get back to you with the best possible information regarding your concerns and issues.

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