Dsdaq – A Quick and Efficient Crypto Collateral Trading Platform

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The stock market around the world is always buzzing with activity. It is constantly changing, with the value of various assets going up and down every day. The crypto market is no different and is, in fact, more volatile than the traditional stock market. 

That’s what makes the whole premise attractive and thrilling. However, a gap still exists between the traditional stock market and the crypto market. Not anymore. No matter you are a seasoned trader or a novice trying to understand the intricacies of the trading market, here’s something that will make things easier for you.

Dsdaq has created a crypto collateral trading platform that bridges the gap between both markets. The platform also erases the boundaries between different countries and allows you to trade in global assets from across the world. 

Does it sound confusing? 

We assure you it is super easy to understand how things work. In no time, you’ll become a nuanced trader in a market of your choice. 

What is Crypto Trading? 

Cryptocurrency is digital money with no physical representation. Unlike traditional paper money (Dollars, Pounds, Rupees, etc.), cryptocurrency is not available in coins or papers. It has only a digital presence and can be stored in digital wallets online or offline (on the computer drive/ protected USB sticks). 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., are some examples of cryptocurrency. These are developed on the blockchain and traded on crypto platforms. You can buy the cryptocurrency using fiat currency and trade it for other types of crypto. 

Until now, the regular trading platforms don’t allow crypto trading and vice versa. 

About Dsdaq

Dsdaq aims to empower the new generation of investors to shape their financial future using a transparent and powerful application. 


Dsdaq can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Mobile app

The platform allows you to trade in stocks, ETFs, commodities, and various other assets using cryptocurrency. The company charges zero transaction fees and airdrops platform tokens to traders for free. Dsdaq takes pride in developing a platform that enables superfast crypto trading. You can deposit to withdraw currency in 10 minutes or less. 

From providing crypto spot trading options to enabling leverage trading and providing native apps for different customers, Dsdaq offers everything a trader/ investor would want from a trading platform. 

The company has not one but three different products to offer to their customers. 

Products Offered by Dsdaq

1. Crypto Collateral/Financial Contract

Dsdaq is the first trading platform that allows you to use crypto to trade in conventional assets. It’s more than 300 popular financial assets, commodities, futures, indexes, and more from around the world. 

You can leverage your position from 10 to 100 times to increase your buying and selling power on the platform. 

In just four steps, you can complete the transaction using the app. 

  • Deposit crypto to the wallet
  • Transfer them to the collateral account
  • Borrow buying power from Dsdaq 
  • Set up your portfolio and start trading 

2. Spot Trading

How do you make more profits in trading? By following the golden rule of buying low and selling high. Both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto come under spot trading. 

Spot trading is less risky and offers higher security when compared to contract trading. The transaction fee for spot trading on Dsdaq is just 0.1%. Moreover, you don’t need to pay any funding fee if you want to hold the crypto for the long term. 

This product is suitable for newbies in the trading market as well as investors. If you like to stock up your investment, spot trading is the one to opt for. You can start trading through your account in just 40 seconds. 

3. Crypto Contract

A crypto contract is a derivate that will be settled on a future date in a pre-decided currency (fiat or crypto). You can play long or short with your position, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. 

Dsdaq allows you to leverage your position between 2X and 100X times to amplify your earnings. It is similar to margin trading in the stock market. 

The platform allows crypto contract trading for high-risk players who want to increase their profits by carefully planning their position in the volatile crypto market. Dsdaq has a lower transaction fee for leverage trading than spot trading. 

Also, bi-directional trading allows you to open in both long or short positions to secure your trading amount. Remember that contract trading is for experienced players in the market. 

Features of Dsdaq

Dsdaq is an innovative and advanced cryptocurrency trading app that allows you to buy, trade and sell over 300 financial assets. Some of the unique features of Dsdaq are

1.World’s first trading platform to provide crypto collateral trading services.

2. Deposit and withdraw funds is an easy process, within 5 to 30 mins.

3. Low trading fees as compared to the other trading platforms in the market.

4. No need to create several crypto accounts if you are using Dsdaq, buy stocks and cryptocurrency using mobile app.

5. Install Dsdaq mobile app to monitor your assets and trade from anywhere.

6. If you are starter in the cyrpto world then Dsdaq helps you will complete training and support.

7. 24/7 customer support and FAQ’s for help. Also, you can email to dsdaq team help@dsdaq.com if you are facing any challenges in trading or connect with the team on telegram (Search using Dsdaq).

Trading Fees

The fee on Dsdaq spot exchange is 0.1% while for the taker (0.02%) and maker (0.05%).

👉   Know more about crypto maker and taker fees

Accepted Countries

Dsdaq offers traders from below countries

Australia, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar

Countries not allowed to use Dsdaq services due to strict rules are United States, China, Iran, Korea, Syria, Sudan.

What is Dsdaq Referral/Affiliate Program ?

Referral program

Earn $20 bonus whenever your referred customer deposits the money and complete the first transaction while you can earn 30% every time your referred customer make a trade on the Dsdaq.

Install the Dsdaq app and click ‘Account’ , ‘Referral’, to get your referral link and start sending your friends. Make sure your friends enter your referral ID when they sign up on Dsdaq.

Final Conclusion 

Choosing a crypto trading platform can be hard. There are too many options out there. What we need is a safe, reliable, and fast trading platform that works on smartphones. And if we can use the same app to trade in traditional and cryptocurrency, wouldn’t it be a great choice? All our investments will be at the same place. 

Dsdaq offers the same on a highly secure platform with native apps for different operating systems. Set up your account on the app and become a pro in no time.