Microcryptosofts(MCSoFts)  Review 2023 – Popular Cryptocurrency Mining Software (Updated)

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Cryptocurrency Mining software

The crypto market is always active and buzzing with investors and newbies. While trading cryptocurrency on various exchanges is one aspect, mining crypto is another. Not all crypto traders are miners as mining requires special software and hardware. 

About MCSofts

MCSofts (Microcryptosofts) is popular crypto mining software that requires no additional hardware or infrastructure. You can use the software to mine bitcoins in quick time. It allows you to mine BTC to the crypto hard wallets without hassle.

Let’s review the Microcryptosofts software by MCSoFts to determine its usefulness for crypto lovers. 

MCSoFts is a team of thirty-four developers from around the world. The agency offers digital software and services to a plethora of clients. It proudly declares that close to 2400 copies of its crypto mining software have been sold. MCSoFts is currently being converted from an agency into a company to legitimize its products and services and attract more clients from the cryptomarket. 

How Crypto Mining Works?

Before we talk more about the software, let’s first see what crypto mining is and how it works. 

Crypto mining is a competitive process where new transactions are added to the blockchain using the Proof of Work (PoW) method. The mining puzzles have to be solved by the miners to win cryptocurrency. The first miner to complete the puzzle gets a crypto coin as a reward. This technique is popularly used to mine bitcoin. Mining ensures that the transaction is authentic and verified on the blockchain. 

During the initial days after launching bitcoin, miners used existing computers for this purpose. But regular CPUs (Central Processing Units) were too slow to handle bitcoin mining. It also affected the consumption of energy. 

Bitcoin mining began to drastically increase the demand for more energy (which affected countries that relied on non-renewable energy resources). Thankfully, bitcoin mining pools are now largely operated in regions that use renewable energy resources. 

Of course, this is only for mining pools. Individual miners continue to use gaming and high-tech computers for bitcoin mining. Gaming computers have powerful CPUs and GPUs that make them a suitable choice for crypto mining. The miners only need to ensure that they use the Proof of Work (PoW) method instead of the Proof of Stake (poS) for mining. 

Cloud mining is another method where cloud servers are rented to mine cryptocurrency. Another lesser-known method is Server Mining System or Server Hacking Method. MCSoFts uses this technique to mine BTC faster than other exchanges. 

Features of Microcryptosoft Software 

What sets MC SoFts apart is the concept of its mining software. Server Mining System (SMS) searches for mining servers across the world and targets the ones with weak security systems. It then releases a tiny bug into the mining server to transfer the blocks to another crypto address. In short, the software reroutes the delivery of bitcoins to your crypto address instead of the original mining server. 

It gives you a chance to earn 1 BTC in just 30 minutes. If it seems a little less, let’s assure you that the setback is temporary. The software had an initial capacity of mining up to 3500 bitcoins. However, this required more reserves and capacity which the agency had to moderate due to its long-term plans. The mining server capacity is being redesigned as we write the review. 

MCSoFts offers two types of mining software solutions: 

→  Microcryptosofts V.0.1

This software currently allows you to add 0.001 BTC to 0.05 BTC per day. You can add bitcoins more than once, though the total cut-off is 0.5 BTC. 

→  Microcryptosofts 4.0.9

This software allows you to add bitcoins from different servers. For example, you can get

  • 0.003 BTC to 0.01 BTC per day from DU mining servers 
  • BTC to 0.09 BTC only once from OTU mining servers
  • BTC to 0.5 BTC from OTU mining servers

The final cut-off is 1 BTC and is added through the 1x AMD EPYC 7402 MS-1 server with 24 core threads. However, this requires special permission. You need a CPU with a minimum of 6 core threads to use the software. 

Final Conclusion 

MCSoFts offers highly effective crypto mining software to users from different parts of the world. The mined bitcoin can be added to your existing hard wallets or soft wallets at your convenience. 

The agency says that the developers are working on bringing advanced and next-gen software to its clients. The MC SoFts team promises safe and profitable services for crypto lovers. 

 Kindly visit Microcryptosofts official website for more information:- https://microcryptosofts.com/ or sign up here to get started.

Telegram:- @Microcryptosofts