Looking for Refurbished Smartphones in 2020 – Get it at The Big Phone Store

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After using my iPhone 7 for over two years, I wanted to upgrade to a high end smartphone. When I started researching about what smartphones I could get, I found that all these new ones were really expensive. I started exploring the option of getting a refurbished high end smartphone, simply because the new ones were unaffordable. To my surprise, I realized that refurbished smartphones are quite common. It just needs a little research before getting one. And here’s what you need to know before getting it.

What Are Refurbished Smartphones?

Renewed, Recertified, Pre-owned, Reconditioned – these are the terms that best describe a refurbished phone. When a previously purchased smartphone, comes back to the manufacturer or retailer, you can interchangeably use any of the above names to represent a refurbished smartphone. Returning a smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with the phone. It may be because the buyer simply didn’t want it. Although, they are returned when there’s an issue as well.

What to Check before Getting a Refurbished Smartphone?

If you plan to save some money by getting a refurbished phone, here’s what to keep in mind:

Buy from the manufacturer or a reputed store

Most of the times, the maker or the retailer, get phones that are perfectly fine. It is refurbished in the best way possible and resold as a new smartphone.

See what warranty is offered

If you want a refurbished smartphone without any issues, then ensure the manufacturer or the retailer gives enough warranty. If it doesn’t, then there’s a high possibility that there’s some issue.

Check the age of the device

Getting a refurbished phone on new models is pretty difficult. But some older models may come with a big discount. Stick to these models instead of just going by the price.

Read the fine print

It’s important to take care of the red flags before buying a refurbished phone. Reading the fine print will reveal these and it’s better to take precautionary measures.

Alert yourself if the price is too good to be true

A retailer may sell a refurbished phone for half the price of a new one. Be careful, as refurbished phones may be cheap but not for a steal.

Where To Buy Refurbished Phones?

There are a lot of options available for buying a refurbished phone. Manufacturers are a safe bet. However, there are some trusted retailers as well. The Big Phone Store is one such trusted player who fits our bill perfectly as per the criteria mentioned. The Big Phone Store has been operating with some of the biggest players in the mobile phone industry since 1999. They have a fabulous team of customer service representatives, lab technicians, phone testers, and marketing members. With a mission to serve the best quality and best value smartphones, The Big Phone Store has shipped over a million smartphones. The 25000 sq. ft. warehouse in West Midlands stands as proof of their dedication and commitment.

With a quest to ensure happy customers, they even offer a Price Promise Match, to ensure complete customer confidence. A team of experts monitors and compares the prices day in and day out so that you get the most competitive price for your refurbished phone. If you can find a cheaper like-to-like product, they will not only match the price but also give you a gift.

Be it Apple or Samsung, Google or OnePlus, The Big Phone Store has it all. Depending on your needs, you can pick and choose from a variety of options at great prices. You also get to know the condition of the phone, such as Brand New, Pristine, Very Good, Good and Fair. To ensure secure payments, they use Klarna, a Swedish payment service provider.

Final words

Having undergone a rigorous grading process, The Big Phone Store is undoubtedly a go-to choice to get your refurbished smartphone. Also, it offers a 30-day no-quibble return policy to ensure your peace of mind. With excellent warranty terms, great customer service, 24×7 up-and-running website and secure payment methods, we recommend you try The Big Phone Store if a refurbished smartphone is what you want.