Cryptx Wallet :- Manage Your Crypto with the Safest Wallet

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We live in a world where almost every transaction is now contactless. Digital wallets allow you to conduct transactions securely and quickly. The same can be said for Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain apps, related ventures and projects have flooded the investment and technology worlds in recent years.

Following the success of Bitcoin, a slew of new cryptocurrencies have emerged in the crypto market, encouraging people to invest in promising coins and earn substantial returns. You should have a secure platform, such as CryptX, to invest in the crypto market because it protects your Cryptocurrencies while also providing you with additional benefits.

What is CryptX Wallet

CryptX Wallet is a high-security operational wallet designed for businesses. It accepts over 100 coins and has a straightforward interface for managing multiple coin balances. It’s ideal for users who accept/deal with a variety of coins, need to manage liquidity, and want to protect themselves from volatility. 

CryptX combines programming, blockchain technologies, cryptography, financial analysis, and compliance expertise to offer a complete solution for storing Cryptocurrency in a digital wallet. After all, you are responsible for the security of your digital asset and will only use the most secure wallet platform.

What CryptX Wallet Offers

CrytpX aims to make Cryptocurrency easy for everyone by offering a plethora of services ranging from Crypto Wallet (CryptX Wallet), Crypto trading (CryptX Terminal) to Crypto exchange (Cryptal Exchange) and selling Bitcoin for cash(Cryptomat).

Crypto ATMs, exchanges, casinos, and online retailers can avail the services of CryptX Wallet to reduce the operation fees and manage their crypto income. With over 100 coins supported running on seven different blockchains and strong security and features like auto-swaps, white-listing, and API access, CryptX Wallet becomes an ideal tool for any crypto business. 

Uniqueness of CryptX

CryptX offers a lot of unique features that make them stand out from the rest of the software-based Crypto wallets, which are discussed in brief detail below:

  • Security

The CryptX wallet is the “Swiss Bank for Digital Coins,” as stated by the CryptX experts. CryptX’s cutting-edge technology offers “unparalleled security” for bank-level wallet protection. Private keys are stored in Securosys Hardware Security Modules, kept in Switzerland, by CryptX Wallet. The system is so secure that even CryptX cannot access your security pin. Two-factor authentication is used to gain access to the wallet, and all transactions get logged for auditing purposes. You can also whitelist transaction addresses and, if necessary, freeze wallets.

  • Low Fees

To protect you from unnecessary fees, CryptX offers SegWit, transaction batching, and other fee management tools. CryptX promises its users a simple and low fee structure. On CryptX, there are no fees for creating a wallet, and deposits are also free. However, a nominal fee of 0.2% gets charged per transaction value, along with a possible variable fee schedule based on transaction volume.

  • Swap 

Users can take advantage of CryptX’s “Swap” feature to avoid market volatility. Users can create simple rules to protect their funds and cryptocurrencies from unfavourable price fluctuations, and the system will automatically swap fluctuating coins into stable coins to protect their earnings.

  • Customer Support

CryptX Wallet provides its customer support services via email. The users get a dedicated account manager available to answer any questions and resolve any issues and help you along the way, whenever needed. Also, with CryptX, you don’t have to worry about giving all your personal information to register. Users get to create their accounts with complete anonymity with CryptX. All you have to do is give your email address, and you can get started with your wallet.

  • Ease of Access 

CryptX ensures that their user’s get to experience the best of services with their easy to use interface. The web UI has been simplified and made to be very user-friendly. In just a few clicks, the users can create wallets for various coins and swap coins. The users can even retrieve transaction histories and carry out other crypto-related activities in simple, easy 1-2 clicks!

  • Multiple Coins, One Wallet

CryptX Wallet supports more than 100 Cryptocurrencies, making it easy for you to keep all your cryptos in one wallet. With big names like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more, you don’t have to look for different wallet service providers. 

Cryptx Wallet Pricing

Deposits are 100% free. 0.2% fee will be charged per transaction value and variable fees based on transaction volume

Cryptx Support

Do you have any questions? Cryptx team provides:-

✓ Email Support

✓ VIP support

✓ Dedicated Account Manager

Final Conclusion

We can attest that CryptX is one of the prominent wallet companies that has made a deep impression on the Crypto community and continually brings out new features to provide the best of services to its customers, with multiple features and security.