Devi Review 2023: AI Social Media Assistant for Personalized Outreach 

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AI Social Media Assistant

Social media management is a continuous process for brands. Tracking mentions, keywords, leads, etc., requires access to multiple tools and platforms. What if you can manage everything from a single location and automate a majority of the tasks? 

Devi is an AI social media manager and assistant that helps monitor various groups and posts on SM. Create new content and automatically post it on social media. Schedule posts on different platforms and share AI-generated news updates on your accounts. Devi offers a plethora of exciting features to streamline social media management. 

Let’s review the platform in this post. 

Devi Overview 

Devi has been developed by a company based in Sheridan, Wyoming, US. The AI platform is used by 7000+ businesses to automate everyday activities and save time, money, and resources. The developers say Devi can save up to two hours a day by handling recurring tasks on your behalf. It can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit to streamline, monitor, and track your posts, mentions, keywords, and leads. Devi can also have ChatGPT API integration. 

Devi Dashboard

Features of Devi 

Reach out to genuine audiences by creating highly targeted content and promoting your brand on social media. Devi will identify leads who are actively talking about or interested in your business. 

1.) Keyword Monitoring 

Keyword Monitoring

Devi uses powerful artificial intelligence to automate lead monitoring in Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. It works round the clock so that you can focus your energy on the core aspects of your business and find more ways to generate higher revenue. The platform can monitor 25 Facebook groups (private and public) and countless posts on other social media sites. (Users can contact the support team to monitor 50+ Facebook groups.)

2.) Lead Management 

Don’t let the prospective leads slip through your fingers. It takes just one click to respond to comments, messages, or queries. Devi is integrated with ChatGPT to provide personalized responses and attaches the business details to connect with the leads. Close leads faster and increase your success rate by automating the process. No more delays or time zone issues to prevent lead conversion.  

3.) Schedule Posts 

Schedule posts on social media with a single click. No need to invest in other third-party tools for this. Create your own posts or let Devi automatically create and post them at a specific time. Users can edit the posts as required. The platform is simple and easy to use. Keep your social media profiles active even when you are unavailable. 

4.) Mention Monitoring 

How many people know about your brand on social media? Are they talking about it? If yes, who and where? Devi can monitor 3000+ websites for brand mentions. Stay up to date about what customers say about your business. This will help you reach out to prospective leads and attract more customers. It also helps with ORM (online reputation management). 

5.) Visual Content Creation 

Visual content brings greater visibility on social media. However, creating it takes time. Not anymore! Devi is a perfect combination of Canva and ChatGPT. It can automatically create visual content for you to post to your social media. 

Use the seven-day automated content planner to set up the types of posts you want to share. All creatives generated by the platform will have your brand logo, name, etc. It uses royalty-free images and produces appealing images from top prompts generated by ChatGPT. The content will be relevant and aligned with your industry. 

6.) Share News 

Want to keep your followers updated with the latest news from your industry? Devi will do it for you. The AI platform can collect, create, and share news snippets on your social media accounts. Convert text news to videos, add pictures and headlines, or re-share news in five key points. Devi makes it easy to present content in attractive formats and share them simultaneously on your social media accounts. 

Devi Pricing 

Devi has a 14-day free trial and fixed monthly pricing of $99 per month (30 days). The company offers free services to all nonprofit organizations working for climate change and human rights. The paid plan can be customized to suit your business requirements (for enterprises and agencies).

Users can avail of the limited-period discount to get Devi for 80% less than the actual price. Pay only $19.8 per month by subscribing before the offer ends. 

What do people say about DDevi?

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Final Conclusion 

Devi is a powerful and highly efficient social media assistant backed by artificial intelligence. The support team can be contacted via email, phone, or website chat. There is no complex onboarding or training period. As paying user, you also get to book a free demo session.

Users can subscribe to Devi and start using it right away. More members can be added using the Buy for Team option in the user profile. Devi is a one-stop AI platform to streamline, automate, and manage social media marketing for SMBs and large enterprises.