One Tool Every Amazon Seller Should Use- Seller Board

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Being a professional Amazon seller is not as easy as it sounds, isn’t it? From calculating Amazon fees to managing PPC ads, maintaining inventory records, and staying updated about the orders, there is a lot to do. 

Managing all aspects from a single platform is the dream of every Amazon seller. Thankfully, technology has helped to achieve this. There are quite a few software tools that allow you to manage your seller business from one place. 

SellerBoard promises the same and more. Inventory to auto-responses to tracking refunds and requesting seller feedback from customers, it handles everything.  



SellerBoard is a German-based company that wanted to create a user-friendly management tool for Amazon sellers. 

Seller Board is an accurate profit analytics software that has been developed for Amazon sellers. The software includes numerous features that make it easy to run the business from a single platform. 

Profiability Analytics Software

Seller Board can be accessed through smartphones and used on Android and iOS devices. You can manage your seller accounts on 15 global marketplaces through the software. 

Features of SellerBoard 

The following are some of the features of the Seller Board. 

  • Live Dashboard: Here is where the magic happens. Not really. But the dashboard is where you can track everything related to your seller accounts. The reports and graphs are updated in real-time so that you know the latest figures at any given point in time. 
Live Dashboard
  • PPC Optimization: The software lets you bid on up to 100K keywords. The latest version of the software lets you specify the target ACOS per each campaign. You can also set your own custom automation rules for bidding on and managing PPC ads. 
PPC Optimization
  • Request Seller Review: Amazon now lets you request customers to rate and review your service as a seller. You can request a review directly from the dashboard. 
  • Explore eBay: Why limit your business to Amazon? eBay is a great place to expand and explore new markets. So what if it doesn’t offer a dashboard like Amazon? You can use Seller Board instead. 
  • Market Trends: Stay up to date about the latest market trends will ensure that your business measures well against the KPIs. Know which products are more in demand and which ones will be popular in the coming days. 
  • Order Tracking: Stop worrying about orders that seem to vanish in the thin air. The software lets you keep tabs on every order until it reaches the customers. 
  • Profit & Loss: See where your business stands at any point in time. You can check the P/L for each product. 
Profit & Loss
  • Product Breakdown: You can see how many orders were placed for a product, how much fees you paid, how many orders are pending, etc. 
  • Cash Flow Reports: You should know your income vs. expenses ratio if you want to ensure green numbers in the balance sheet. 
  • Amazon Fees Calculation: No more worrying about fluctuating and hidden Amazon fees. Know exactly how much you have to pay and plan your moves accordingly. 
  • Autoresponder: Send automated emails to customers for feedback and special offers. Run campaigns to convert one-time customers to repeat customers. 
  • Data Export: Export the data to MS Excel and run it through other software tools for in-depth analysis. 
  • Automation: Integrate Seller Board with third-party apps and software to set up and generate reports automatically. 
  • Lost Inventory Refunds: Get a refund from Amazon seller support by reporting lost or damaged orders. Don’t incur losses because of this. 
  • List Changing Alerts: Anytime a new seller is added to the lists, be the first to know about your competition. Also, manage ratings and negative reviews. 

User Rights Management: Give access to your employees to manage inventory and sales through individual user accounts. Control what they can see and edit

Inventory Management; Know when it’s time to restock a particular product. 


The company has four service packages, which can be selected monthly, biannually, or yearly. It also offers a free 1-month trial for those who want to try the software without paying for it. Standard: $19/month, 3000 orders, 150 autoresponder emails, 4 seller accounts, and one additional user, plus other features such as a live dashboard and more.  

👉 Professional: $29/month, 6000 orders, 6000 autoresponder emails, 6 seller accounts, two additional users, plus all other features.

👉 Business: $39/month, 15,000 orders, 15,000 autoresponder emails, 8 seller accounts, and 4 additional users, including the rest of the features.

👉 Enterprise: $79/month, 50,000 orders, 30,000 autoresponder emails, 16 seller accounts, and 4 additional users, and control to managing user access rights, plus all other features. 

You get a 10% discount on all plans if you go for the half-yearly package and a 20% discount on the yearly package. 

Testimonial Sellerboard


Final Conclusion

If handling one Amazon seller account is hard enough, monitoring multiple accounts would be a nightmare. Not anymore, though. You can now ensure a successful business and increase sales and profits by handling your business activities through SellerBoard

Automation is the best thing that happened to us in recent times, isn’t it? When you can run the Amazon seller business efficiently, it won’t be long before you become a reputed seller on the largest marketplace in today’s world.