Anyword Review 2023 :- AI Copywriting Tool for Marketing and Sales

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Writing articles and ads for SEO and digital marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Especially, when you need to get the most out of the ad campaign and create a message different from your competitors. Wouldn’t it be nice to have technology help you with the process? What if your teams generate copy in 3 clicks and test how it would perform in the market? 

Based on Artificial intelligence Anyword’s AI copywriting software used by the top marketers, ad agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The software supports your content writing and sales teams by helping them create the best article/ blog/ ad for your brand. From B2C marketing to social media ad campaigns, Anyword will assist you with all your marketing campaigns.

Anyword - AI Copywriting Tool

For Marketers

The ultimate goal of a marketer is to increase the conversion rate and thereby increase sales and profits. Anyword claims to increase the conversion rate by up to 30%. 

The AI marketing copy generator software has the following features that helps you to improve your marketing campaign

  • It provides text variations in bulk to save time. This makes it easy to post the ads and engage the audience. 
  • Every message/ ad your team type is analyzed and rated. This rating will tell you how good the message is and whether it needs to be improved on the basis of the performance score
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  • When auto-generating text using the software, you can include the necessary keywords so that you don’t have to edit the text later and add the keywords. 
  • In fact, you can create a keyword library. The software will use these keywords in every piece of text it generates. 
  • Finding the most effective word/ phrase for a message is now super easy. The software will provide the exact suggestions.
  • Integrate the Anyword with ad generation software and get customized suggestions. 
  • The Facebook ad copy software also works on adjusting your budgets for the FB ads to drive high-yield traffic for a lesser investment. This is almost an ideal condition that is very hard to achieve. Anyword is successful because it used artificial intelligence and makes data-driven creatives

What other Project Types you can do with Anyword?

These 5 great project options you must know if you are using Anyword

  1. Ad.
  2. Landing page
  3. Content Promotion
  4. Email Subject Line
  5. Blog post

👉 Landing Page

Creating the perfect landing page that could generate tons of leads for your business is always the main goal for any marketer and Anyword helps you to improve the copy of an already existing landing page

👉 Content Promotion

Take the benefit of the Content Promotion option to create a copy of any content to promote a specific blog.

👉 Email Subject Line

As per the study 47% of the recipients open email based on the subject line hence you must know the difference between Good Vs Bad Subject lines.

One should always write catchy email subject lines to boost open rates and Anyword Email Subject Line Feature can write subject lines for you, just enter your project details such as project name and description and collect one of your favourite subject lines generated by Anyword.

👉 Blog Post

Blog is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Here you can enter your blog title, description and Anyword helps you to write outlines and lead paragraph to get started.

Anyword Pricing

The company has four price plans for you to choose from, depending on your business requirements.

  • The starter plan costs $19/month and lets you generate marketing copy for social media ads, email subject lines, blog post outlines, and introduction paragraphs. This plan is also available as a free trial version. 
  • The pro plan is priced at $97/ month and lets you connect Anyword to your website and Facebook. Directly use the AI-powered tool to post engaging content and increase conversions. 
  • The premium plan costs $499/ month and has been designed for marketers. 
  • The company offers a custom plan for publishers, enterprises, and agencies that need to work on multiple projects every day and deliver consistent results. 

Anyword Awards

Why Marketing Teams choose Anyword?

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Final Conclusion 

In today’s competitive market, you can’t waste time and money on multiple trials before you perfect a marketing message. By the time to understand what works, the trends would have changed. Take the help of the latest technology like artificial intelligence and create attractive content for your articles and ads. Go creative with your Google ad copy and make the most of your ad campaigns. 

Anyword is a powerful AI Copywriting tool that helps marketers, platforms, publishers, and enterprises to increase the conversion rate and build a strong audience base. Attract more followers and gain a definite edge over your competitors.