Beetexting :- Text Messaging Service for your Business

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Beetexting - Text Messaging Service

In the modern technological world, it is said that texting is the next market player in sales and marketing. While texting, it is important that business teams communicate with the customers in the way they prefer. Here comes the need of business texting. Beetexting is a business texting application for sales and service teams to text with customers.

Beetexting is a business class team texting that gives your business team the opportunity to communicate with customers the way they prefer. What separates Beetexting from other business texting applications? It is the team-centric tools and design that makes working as a team more efficient and productive. The best part about this application is that the team can use the shared inboxes, internal team notes, claim and transfer threads, send images, videos and paperwork via text. Hence you can get an unlimited number of features with this application.

How Does Beetexting Text Messaging Services Works ?

How Does Beetexting Text Messaging Services Works ?

Follow these steps to know the core of how Beetexting works in actual life.

  • Set up your free trial with Beetexting and text enable your current phone numbers.
  • Post your numbers so your customers get to know about your company and feel free to text you or call you.
  • In the shared inbox any team members can resolve, claim or transfer messages to make sure that nothing is missed while communicating with the customer.
  • All team members can add notes and also share them to provide cookie or brand experience.
  • You can also tag customers and make a list of targeted broadcast messages.
Broadcast Messages
  • One more feature that Beetexting offers is that team members can also request for payment by the help of text messages. There is an option of a tip box and customers can easily pay with the help of their phone.

Beetexting helps your team to stay productive and maintain efficiency in their work. At the same time, it also allows business teams to engage with customers in deeper ways while maintaining full control.

Features of BeeTexting

There are various exciting features that are associated with the application. Let us get back to them with no delay

The Communication Advocate: This application allows various user friendly features to help the business teams communicate with customers in the best way possible. The striking features that are associated with Beetexting are message delivery delay report, reflection during delay system, good listener report, proud speech alert, conflict resolution and testimony template.

Team Texting Platform: The cherry on the ice for Beetexting is the team texting platform. Under this head, the application allows various features like shared inboxes, internal notes facility, text enabling existing line, create new numbers on the fly, quick replies and claim conversation.

Internal Notes

Collaboration and Teamwork: For any team to succeed collaboration and teamwork is the key to success. Beetexting enables the various business teams to use these striking features like group messaging, contacts like on personal phone, contact notes, send documents, video and images to customers or to the other team members and also sending and receiving messages.

Usability: Beetexting proudly boasts of its tagline ‘’Stay Connected. Anywhere’’ and it is also true for that matter. This application is designed in such a way that it can be used literally anywhere be it on mobile, or desktop or in a tablet. The business team can use this application anywhere they want. 

Integration: Beetexting enables the business team members to integrate with their favourite applications of work like Microsoft Office, WordPress, HubSpot, Zapier, SalesForce, Shopify, Zoho Zendesk and many more. The application is constantly integrating itself with many other user friendly applications and in the near future many more applications will be integrated with Beetexting. 

➢ Solution Centric: Beetexting has taken text messaging to a whole new level. It can be accessed as a web application altogether or even teams can access through phones. This texting application tapps into existing telecommunication infrastructure to deliver the state of the art connection between your business teams and local phone numbers of the customers.

Communication and building authentic relationships with customers is what businesses look out for at this point of time. Engaging with potential customers is always important for any business houses to succeed. Here Beetexting has played a crucial role by enabling teams across various fields to help communicate with customers.

The state-of-the-art technology used by Beetexting has enabled real time engagement and communication with customers directly via text messages in their phone. At the same time, the application allows business teams to use their business phone numbers to text the customers focusing on their goal of being Simple and Powerful.

Beetexting Pricing

We suggest you take the 30-Day Free Trial and have an understanding before your invest money

→ $39.99/month per user

→ $9.99/mo per phone number

→ 1000 Text Messages included

Let’s have a look at the features that are included in the above pricing plan

✅  Pay-by-Text

✅  Tag Contacts

✅  Bulk Text Management

✅  Broadcast Messages

✅  Collect Reviews By Text

✅  Automations

✅  Out of Office

✅  Keyword Auto Responders

✅  Marketing Sequences

✅  Marketing Campaigns

✅  Communication Advocate

✅  Message Delivery Delay

✅  Reflections

✅  Branded Reflections

✅  Good Listner Alert

✅  Team Chat

✅  Internal Notes

✅  Tag Teammates

✅  Custom Notifications

✅  Shared Quick Replies

✅  Schedule Messages

✅  Group Messages

✅  Send images, docs, gifs and emojis

✅  Shared and filter inboxes

✅  Claim and Transfer Conversations

✅  Mark as Resolved

Final Conclusion

We are in love with the functionality of Beetexting. Super easy to create a mass text campaign in just a few simple steps.

Beetexting Text Messaging Service is good for small and medium-size businesses who are looking to connect with customers at affordable pricing.

We have no complaints from Beetexting.