Zutrix Review – The Smartest Google Rank Tracker is Here

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Is a website useful if it is not optimized for search engines? Not anymore, right? SEO is crucial if you want your website to stay alive and serve its purpose. We also know that SEO is a continuous process and needs regular monitoring. You will need to find new keywords, update new content on the webpages, and ensure that your website stays higher on the search engines. 

Luckily, various tools help you achieve your targets. But we are always searching for something even better. What would you say if someone offered you a real-time super-fast tracker that gave you accurate results about your website rank? And what if the tool offered a lot more features? Would you clap your hands and grab it right away? 

Zutrix has developed the smartest Google rank tracker that lets you become a game-changer in the industry. Its unique reporting system makes it flawless and perfect to use. 

Overview or Zutrix

Zutrix has around 8 years of experience with 580+ customers from around the world. The tool has tracked more than 2140 domains and is fast-gaining fame as a reliable, accurate, and trustworthy Google rank tracker. 

The tool relies on artificial intelligence to analyze the data and give you real-time updates. It is simple and easy to use and helps you grow your business faster and better than before. The company also has a free SERP checker tool you can start using from the website.  

How to Add new Project in Zutrix? (Step by Step)

#Step1:- Click on Add Domain.

Click on Domain

#Step2:– Add your Domain Name, Country and click on (Domain + Keywords) as i want to add specific keywords for tracking.

add domain

#Step3:- Now we start adding keywords, once you enter Keywords Zutrix will give you suggestion and on the basis of that you can click on the keyword that will added to the box “Keywords to Track.”

You can select the “Desktop”, “Mobile” or “both” all depends on where you want to track. As of now we are going with desktop version.

As we are adding keywords for project so we don’t need to use Google Search Console feature.

Adding Keywords

#Step4:- Now keywords are added in the project, you can check here.

Keywords added

#Step 5:– Now check the performance of the project.

Performance Of Project

Features of Zutrix 

The following are some of the features offered by the intelligent Google rank tracking tool. 

  • Location Independent: You can track the website rank in any location (as long as Google is used there), be it locally or globally. You will know where your website ranks the highest and the least. 
  • Chasing Competitors: The tool will keep track of your competitors’ websites and send you notifications if they make any changes. You can stay ahead of your competitors. 
Competitor analysis
  • 100% Accurate: Zutrix relies on AI-based analysis to deliver 100% accurate reports to every user. 
  • Real-time Notifications: Get instant notifications to Slack, Telegram, or email. Anything there is a change in the projects you are tracking, the tool will send you a notification. 
Real Time Tracking
  • Sharable Reports: You can share live reports with a single click. Yes! Create unique links and share the current website rank with anyone you want. 
  • Google Search Console Integration: Easily integrate Zutrix with Google Search Console and get the best of both in one place. 
  • Track Keyword Positions: Track the positions of keywords on Google to see how they are influencing the website traffic. 
  • Keyword Analysis and Recommendations: The Keyword Lab feature lets you conduct an in-depth analysis of keywords, search volumes, SERP features, and more. It also recommends the best keywords for your website content. 
  • Daily Email Reports: Get updates and reports about the latest information straight to your email. Why miss important updates anymore?
Daily Email Report
  • Whitelabel Support: Edit the Zutrix logo and the descriptions, create unique links, and customize the tool using the Whitelabel support feature. 
White Label



The company offers four price plans to cater to all kinds of website owners. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with how it works. 

  • Starter Plan $9/ month; 50 keywords tracked, unlimited domains, real-time notifications, update frequency daily, keyword lab, local results, sharable reports, desktop/ mobile results, SERP features, competitor tracking, and search console import. 
  • Basic Plan $28/ month; 250 keywords tracked, and includes rest of the features of the starter plan. This plan is for individuals and bloggers. 
  • Standard Plan $54/ month; 500 keywords tracked, and includes rest of the features of the starter plan. This plan is suitable for digital marketers. 
  • Advanced Plan $99/ month; 1000 keywords tracked, and includes the features of the starter plan plus Whitelabel support to edit the logo, descriptions, and create unique URLs. This plan has been designed for SEO agencies. 

You can opt for the 7-day free trial on the basic, standard, and advanced plans. The starter price plan doesn’t have a free trial option. 

The company offers a 20% discount if you pick the yearly billing option instead of monthly billing. The support team can be contacted 24×7. 

Final Conclusion

Be it a beginner who is still testing waters or an SEO agency with numerous clients, SEO tools are essential when working with websites. Even though Google offers countless free tools, investing in an efficient, advanced, and intelligent rank tracker ensures that you have the correct information to make the right decisions for your website. 

Zutrix tracks your website, your competitors’ sites and sends on-time notifications so that you won’t miss anything crucial when it comes to growing your business. 

You should Try ZUTRIX