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Flowtrac - Inventory Management System

Accomplish All Your Warehouse Tracking & Management Requirements with Flowtrac

The 21st century is fully reliant upon cloud-based solutions for tracking and management requirements. Flowtrac is an optimal example of a cloud-based inventory tracking and warehouse management solution for the industries. Working with the traditional approaches to managing stock, kitting, work status, and asset management is complicated for an organization. Therefore, using a software solution such as Flowtrac for all warehouse tracking activities is appropriate for you. Just take a glimpse at this review to understand the real-time capabilities of Flowtrac. 

Features of Flowtrac

#1. Cloud-Based Solution

Your warehouse or organization needs a contemporary solution to track all the activities related to stock, working force, cash, and other assets. Flowtrac is offering you a cloud-based solution to do these things, and that’s why it is the first and foremost software solution for users to run warehouses with advanced tracking solutions.

#2. 6-In-1 Tracking Features Based Solution 

These features include Asset Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Work-In-Process, Specialized Apps, and Proof of Delivery. That means you don’t need to buy more software for these six requirements.

#3. Authentic in Tracking

Are you looking for an agile and authentic tracking solution to manage the various activities of your organization? Flowtrac is an authentic quick-fix because it works fast for the tracking goals (waiting time to track the aspects of the organization, including stock, is zero). 

#4. Proof of Delivery

One of the most complicated situations for companies working in stock delivery and stock management is proof of delivery. Paper-based proof of delivery is a hassle for an organization. When you are thinking of getting innovative and using digital proof of delivery for your stock, use Flowtrac for your inventory management.

#5. Customizable Warehouse Tracking Software

Organizations often have specific or customized requirements to track and manage stock, cash, and assets, but they are not getting these features in the ready-made solution. Thus, Flowtrac also has the ability to customize the software to fit your requirements.

#6. Inventory Management

 Inventory Management

80% of companies are facing loss just because of inventory loss and mismanagement. Every single entity of your inventory will be tracked when using Flowtrac Software.

#7. Billing Software

There is no need to invest in particular billing software when you get the 6-in-1 feature-based Flowtrac Solution because this software is also working on the billing features.

Industries That Can Use Flowtrac:

Is Flowtrac suitable for your company or industry? Maybe you also have this doubt in your mind. Flowtrac is an ideal software solution for both private and government entities to track things smartly. Education, Government, Commercial, Private, Humanitarian Organizations, and more can deploy the features of Flowtrac. 

How to Get Access to Flowtrac?

One more important thing that you can’t miss in the Flowtrac Review is how to access this software. Users can access Flowtrac through a Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile Device.

Pricing Plans of Flowtrac:


There are three pricing plans of Flowtrac: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Enterprise is the most expensive solution that has the most features to meet all tracking, billing, asset, and management needs.

 14-day free trial (no credit card required) is also available. Thus, you can take the trial and then decide to buy Flowtrac. 

Basic Plan Cost of Flowtrac: $25 Monthly

Professional Plan Cost of Flowtrac: $65 Monthly 

Enterprise Plan Cost of Flowtrac: Get Quote on Call

Enterprise Plan With Unlimited Space:

The Enterprise plan has unlimited aspects regarding space for the users. This plan includes unlimited cloud storage, number of warehouses, products, accounts, and transactions.

Small Organizations Can Get Basic Plan of Flowtrac ($20):

Small organizations that can’t afford the more expensive premium plans can get the basic plan of Flowtrac for just $20 a month (billed yearly). This includes 40GB of Cloud Storage, 1 Warehouse, 1000 products, 100 accounts, and 1000 monthly transactions. Mobile accessibility is not available in the Basic Plan, but you can follow the inventory/assets through the access of your desktop.

Final Conclusion

Flowtrac is an ideal solution for your warehouse to track different aspects and improve business ROI by reducing the loss of inventory. Cloud technology is the best solution for an organization due to the fast and accurate outcome. There is no doubt that Flowtrac is the ultimate warehouse, inventory, and asset tracking solution.

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