Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Watch Series 8 to feature body temperature monitoring

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Do you own an iOS device? If Yes than 

Apple Watch is an excellent wearable that should be on your list. Smartwatches have been constantly updated to support our daily routines hence nowadays everyone become inherent to smartwatches.

According to Apple Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple to introduce a body temperature monitoring feature on its upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 as health being a big focus of the tech giant.

As per Kuo’s tweet that Apple was likely to feature the body temperature sensor in Apple watch series 7 but the algorithm “failed to qualify before entering the EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) stage.” hence Apple drop this feature last year buy this year they are 100% confident on adding this feature to Apple Watch Series 8 and enters mass production soon.

Apple’s top competitor Samsung is also facing a similar problem like Apple. As per previous reports, Samsung is planning to install the ‘thermometer function’ on Galaxy Watch 5 but Kuo says that South Korean Giant is unsuccessful in its algorithm hence unable to launch this feature as the algorithm is really tough to implement.

Also, the Apple Watch Series 8 to support for better sleep tracking features, blood pressure, and blood glucose monitoring functions.

Will get to know in the coming months if we can see this feature in Apple Watch Series 8

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