Seller Snap Review 2020 – Amazon Repricing & Analytics Tool | Does it really help beat your competitors’ prices?

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The advent of Globalization and advancement in the latest technology have led E-Commerce to become a key industry. With Amazon at the helm, it is important for third-party sellers to have a clear understanding of the concept of the Amazon BuyBox. Amazon Repricer Seller Snap allows third-party sellers the opportunity to remain competitively priced in a very saturated market. Seller Snap claims to be the most advanced Amazon Repricer and Business Intelligence solution on the market. 

Key Features of Seller Snap

  • AI-Powered Amazon Repricing Software: Seller Snap offers self-learning intelligent repricing based on Game Theory principles to guarantee the best possible performance irrespective of changes in competition. The repricer applies the optimum strategy for each individual listing to maximize profit while avoiding price wars. Meaning that they use a collaborative approach to get you your entitled BuyBox share and the highest price point. 
  • Customizable strategies: Seller Snap aims to combine their AI algorithmic repricer with customizable repricing strategies to put forth the best business solution for every scenario. In addition to the automatic, advanced Game Theory based Repricer, sellers also have the option to control their repricing strategies and customize the repricer according to their needs. For example, they can follow the regional BuyBox and adjust pricing accordingly to compete with SFP sellers. 
  • Business analytics: Sellers can make use of Business Intelligence and Amazon Seller Analytics and make decisions based on real-time data. Seller Snap provides metrics like SKU performance data, inventory management data, and data regarding competitors. It enables sellers to remain competitive and follow market trends. 
  • Insights: Seller Snap also provides time-saving handy insights about revenue drop, listings without competitors, BuyBox share, and BuyBox below the minimum price that helps its customers make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions.

Seller Snap is currently one of the most advanced Amazon repricers on the market. With its competitor price tracking and dynamic repricing platform, it enables its customers to experience the benefits of automated repricing. Seller Snap also provides insights like price forecasting and market data analysis to allow sellers to stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of using Seller Snap

  1. Intelligent business decisions: Through replenishment data, storage fee calculation, returns data, and reimbursement data provided by Seller Snap, its customers can make informed purchasing decisions. Seller Snap analytics allows sellers to identify quality issues with inventory, understand the real cost associated with being an FBA seller, and understand true profitability. 
  2. Saves time and effort: Sellers must keep an eye on the constantly changing market prices to remain competitive. This kind of rigorous monitoring, if done manually is time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of listings. Thus, manual repricing can be very ineffective. Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer saves customers both time and effort by automating the whole process and using AI to provide the best solutions and competitive repricing.
  3. Know your competition: In an intensively competitive marketplace like Amazon, knowing your competition is critical in order to stay ahead. Seller Snap’s Seller Analytics provides key information on competitors.

Seller Snap Pricing Plans

Seller Snap has 4 different pricing plans to increase business for Amazon sellers – Accelerator Program, Standard, Premium and Unlimited.

You can choose any of the plan and use the tool completely for 15 days, No credit card required.

  1. Accelerator Program  ($250 Per Month)

In the Accelerator program you can compete with large Amazon sellers & grow your business as you will get access to AI enabled repricer & seller analytics tool.

2. Standard Plan ( $500 Per Month)

Standard plan is bit expensive but here you can explore more as compared to the accelerator program. Maximize profit & elude price wars with Seller Snap Proprietary & Game Theory Pricing. You can check how each product is performing with Exclusive Analytics Dashboard.

  • 1 Store
  • 3 Users
  • Upto 15,000 Listings
  • Customizable Repricing Strategies
  • AI Game Theory Repricing
  • Price Bases on Related ASINS
  • Sales, Profit, Buy Box share and more on each listing
  • Store Level Aggregations and Trends
  • Filters to Focus on Groups of Products
  • 24/7 support

3. Premium ( $800 Per Month)

Scale your business and make more money using a premium plan. Make data driven decisions with customizable reports and advanced analytics tool. 

  • 3 Store
  • 10 Users
  • Upto 30,000 Listings
  • All Standard Features plus
  • Additional Data points such as Sales Rank & Inventory Age
  • Custom Actionable Insights
  • Automated Workflow
  • Open API
  • FTP file uploads
  • Support
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Dedicated account manager

4. Go for Unlimited Plan ( Contact Seller Snap for Pricing)

A. If you are an Agency or Entrepreneur managing large no store for multiple clients 

B. You have large no of product base and sell products of many different categories

 C. Special Technology Requirement

  • Multiple Stores
  • Unlimited Users
  • More than 30,000 Listings
  • All Premium features Plus:
  • Dedicated environment
  • Custom integrations
  • Support
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Dedicated account manager

Alternatives of Seller Snap

Seller Snap has a few good alternatives that are available in the market that can be used as a substitute.

A. Competera – This is a good option for mature online retailers who are looking to save costs and generate profits by offering optimal rates. It has an advanced price optimization and a proactive pricing strategy which saves time and effort and offers  

B. Skuuudle – Skuudle provides price and product intelligence for enterprises and SMEs. It is flexible and accommodating and has a super helpful support team.

C. Price2SpyPrice2Spy is an online price monitoring, price comparison and repricing service good for small businesses to international companies.

Get Seller Snap now 

With its AI algorithmic automated Amazon Repricer, Seller Snap is yards ahead of its competition. In addition to that, their robust analytics provides sellers with a one-stop solution for becoming a successful Amazon seller. They also offer a 15-day free trial.

Ratings and Reviews

Performance – 4.5

Efficiency – 4.6

Compatibility – 4.4

Speed – 4.1

Overall Rating – 4.4