What Is Data Recovery Software? How to recover deleted data

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Data Recovery SoftwareHave you lost all your data or any preeminent data from your device? If yes, then we can comprehend the scenario might be hectic and stressful as recovering the same might be out of your acquaintance. If you are not aware of the Data Recovery Software then surely you need to buckle up and understand it to the core; as it will save you from uncertainties of data getting lost.

First, take a sudden look on what is Data Recovery Software?

In layman language, this software is used to retrieve any data that has got lost, damaged, corrupted, deleted and even if you are not getting access to the data within your storage device. This software can extract the data as per the specified file structure or size followed up with its repair; un-formatting the same from any device like a laptop, PC, memory card, tape drives, hard disk, flash drive and so on.

Let us discuss the best Data Recovery Software for both Windows and Mac?

  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – It is one of the most reliable data recovery software for Windows. Suppose, you have misplaced some part of the data then this software will help you in recovering the missing data as well along with the full-fledged data along with videos, pictures, email files and more. It is coupled with smart drive monitoring and cloning features that create the replica of the data and prevents it from getting lost permanently. It works for all kinds of optical discs and file types like PST, DBX and likewise.
  • Mac Data Recovery – If you are having a Mac and your data have got lost then you don’t have to strain much as this Mac Data Recovery tool is of great help. It can retrieve the files even when the computer has got crashed. Plus, there will be no damage to the original data, and you get the chance to get the preview done before the recovery is complete. This software supports partition and full data recovery, virus attack recovery and many such robust features concerning the file size and structure with search and saves options.

Final Words

Data recovery is a need of the hour as no one can count on the uncertainties. Using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery are surely the comprehensive way to recover any data that has lost, damaged or corrupted. If you are facing such problems or have faced earlier then drop down to the mentioned Data Recovery Tools and work safely with your endeavour.

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