Voicebooking Review 2024: AI Voice Over Generator (Create Voiceover in different languages)

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Are you a video creator? I’m sure you know what is Voice over a video.

Adding audio to a video by yourself to explain the video or hire a vocal actor who do the voiceover for you is called a voiceover in the present digital era.

YouTube creators, filmmakers, theatre teams, and radio jockey requires voice-over software that enables you to polish your speech and do voice modulation, adding music or sound effects to enhance the overall quality.

Several factors to consider before choosing voice-over software

1.) Ease of Use – Voice over app must be 100% user-friendly and suitable for beginners and experts

2.) Compatibility – Always select the software as per your device & Computer’s operating system – Do proper research before you make a decision to purchase.

3.) Pricing – $30 to $100 is a lot of money even for a 1-month subscription hence you must try the free tools and pay for advanced features only if you need them.

We found Voicebooking for voiceover artists.

Voicebooking Overview 

Voicebooking is a Netherlands-based company launched in 2011. It is one of the fastest-growing voice agencies in Europe, with fixed pricing and quick results. The company has upped its game by introducing the free AI voice generator platform to provide even faster and cost-effective services to clients. 

Trusted by Brands & Producers

You can use the AI platform to upload the script and generate an audio output in a few minutes. The process is quick, easy, and effective. 

How Voicebooking AI Voice generator works?

Voicebooking AI voice generator is a browser platform to create computer-generated voices to read the scripts you want. Create a video, storyboard, audio, test project, and much more. 

  1. Register on the platform with a free account to access the AI tool. 
  2. Select the language and voice from the provided options. 
  3. Enter the text on the same page (max 1500 characters with spaces excluded).
  4. Then, select the speed of the narration. 
  5. Then, select the pitch. 
  6. Add pauses and silences to make the audio appealing. 
  7. Select the important words for emphasis and attention. 
  8. Convert the text into AI voice and listen to it.
  9. Make the necessary edits and play the audio.
  10. Download the file once you are happy with the results. 

Features and Services of Voicebooking 

Voicebooking AI generator is a comprehensive platform to quickly create a voice-over by converting the text input into an audio output. 

Multiple Languages 

The AI voice generator can create audio output in English (US and UK), Polish, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Norwegian. 

Multiple Voices 

Even for the free project, you can choose from the five voice options provided by the platform. Select from two male and three female voices to read aloud your text. Gold plan users can also opt for Neural2-type voices. 

Word Emphasis and Pauses 

The script will not be monotonous or boring. It will not sound like the voice of a robot. Vociebooking AI generator allows you to add emphasis to certain words to capture the listeners’ attention and drive home the point. Similarly, you can add pauses at the right places. 

Speed and Pitches 

Play with the voice-over speed and pitches to create the desired effect. Want a human-like voice? Want a cartoonish and fast-paced audio? Get both and more by adjusting the setting to suit your project. Create multiple audios for the same input text and download all files at once. 

Easy and Transparent Pricing 

The company has transparent price plans to prevent confusion. Pay every month or sign up for the annual subscription. 

Customer Support 

The customer support team is efficient in helping users use the platform or hire professional voice over artists for the project. The company also offers audio production services, right from recording to sound designing and production. 

Voicebooking Pricing 

Voicebooking offers one initial free project for every new user. Register on the platform and start your project right away. Upgrade to any of the following three paid plans when necessary. 

  • Bronze Plan: $3.99/ month; 3 projects, 30 downloads, 1500 max script length  
  • Silver Plan: $7.99/ month; 10 projects, unlimited downloads, 2000 max script length 
  • Gold Plan: $16.99/ month; unlimited projects and downloads, 2500 max script length, Neural2 voice type 

Get a two-month discount on the subscription for the annual plans. Users can upgrade or downgrade at any time. 

Pros & Cons 


✓Easy to use
✓Quick delivery 
✓Good customer service 
✓High-quality voices
✓Free first project 
✓Add pauses and customize 

✗Limited free plan – limitations on the no of projects and downloads
✗A limited character limit for all plans 

Final Words 

Voicebooking is a one-stop service for professional and AI voice over services. Check out the free AI voice generator and get near-instant results. It is highly helpful when you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the real artist to read your script. Moreover, you pay comparatively less to run test projects that don’t require human voices.  

The company is also working on adding more features to the AI platform. With reliable customer service and multiple options to choose from, Voicebooking is a trusted solution for all your voice-over requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.) Do I need to hire a professional studio in order to use Voicebooking?

No, you don’t need to hire anyone, you can generate unlimited voices and take a customized plan as per your requirement

2.) Do I need to pay money to use Voicebooking?

Yes, free trials come with limited options but if you have more projects then you need to check the packages for audio, podcasts, and voice-over rates?

3.) What’s required to use Voicebooking?

If your script is ready you need to choose the voice & language for your voiceover

4.) Want to book voice-overs or use the voice-over generator?

Go to Voicebooking.com & click on Register for Free as a client or Voiceover artist

5.) What services do Voicebooking offers?

Voice-over casting, audio services, podcast services, localization, AI Voice over services