Murf Voice Over Studio Review 2023: AI Voice Generator (Updated)

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Your voice plays a prominent role in attracting the audience to your brand. Voiceovers, podcasts, presentations, etc., create an impact through the voice of the presenter. With the emerging popularity of podcasts and audiobooks, your voice is all the more vital to market and promote your business.

Do you know that there are 57% of consumers aged over 12 (in the US) who’ve listened to at least one podcast?

Whether you are an educator, marketer, podcaster, product coach, animator, or customer support agent, your voice should be clear, crisp, audible, and easy to understand for the audience. 

Murf is an artificial intelligence voice generator and editing studio that allows you to add perfect voiceovers to your presentations. There’s no need to invest in developing a studio or hiring one for audio recordings. You can record the audio even at home and use Murf to turn it into a professional-level voiceover. 

AI Voice Generator

Why Use Murf AI Voice Generator?

Murf offers a range of products and features to help you convert text to audio and add high-quality voiceovers to your files. 

  • More than 120 voices and 19 languages to choose from. 
  • Add a video, image, or background music to the voice. 
  • Get the tone, intonation, pitch, and expression right through the AI voice generator. 
  • AI-powered grammar assistant that identifies errors in the text before converting it to speech.
  • Convert home recording to studio-quality voiceovers. 
  • Collaborate with team members directly on the platform. 
  • Easy to use software that requires no coding experience. 
  • Generate voiceovers and videos faster than anyone else. 
  • Download and export the voiceovers to share with others. 

Products of Murf 

The following are the various offerings by Murf. From a freelancer to a multinational company, anyone can use Murf to create voiceovers. 

1.) Murf AI Voice Generator

Worried that AI voices will sound the same and be robotic? Not anymore. Murf AI text to speech voice generator is as real as it can get. Languages like Spanish, English, and Portuguese also support multiple accents. 

Start with the grammar tool to get rid of the typos before generating the voice. You can add images, videos, or music and create any output you want. 

2.) Voice Changer

You don’t need any complex software to remove the background noise from your voice recordings. The voice changer allows you to simply swap the voice to a professional one without changing the script or rerecording the audio. It takes just three steps to do this. You can edit the audio to suit match the requirements. 

3.) Voice Editing

There’s no need to listen to the same audio countless times to finetune and edit it. AI technology has simplified the process of voice editing to deliver quality output in minutes. Adjusting the size of the audio file or mixing up different voices, you just need a couple of clicks. 

4.) Voiceover for eLearning, Videos, and Presentations 

Let your educator videos be the best in the market. Create courses in minutes instead of slogging for days. Copy the script, choose a voice, customize it, add presentations, finalize the output and download it. All videos you generate come with a license for commercial use. 

Murf Pricing Plans

You can opt from the following price plans to use Murf. 

→ Free Plan: Starter pack/ free trial with limited features and no customer support 

✓ Try all 100+ voices

✓ 10 mins of voice generation

✓ 10 mins of transcription

✓ Share an Audio/Video Link

✓ Downloading not allowed

✓ Single user and no credit card required

→Basic Plan: $13/month & ($156/Year) – For Individuals

✓ Unlimited Downloads

✓ 24 hours of voice generation/year

✓ Access to 60 voices (10 languages)

✓ Commercial Usage rights

✓ Chat and Email support

✓ Single user

→ Pro Plan: $26/month & ($312/Year) – For Professionals

✓ Unlimited Downloads

✓ 96 hours of voice generation/year

✓ 48 hours of transcription/year

✓ Access to 120+ voices (19 languages)

✓ Commercial Usage rights

✓ Recorded voice editing

✓ Voice changer

✓ All problems resolved on priority via chat and email

✓ Upto 3 users

→ Enterprise Plan: Starts from $83/month & ($996/ Year) for large teams – Can be customized based on company requirements

✓ Custom voice generation time

✓ Custom transcription time

✓ Specify no of users


✓ Collaboration Features

✓ Centralized Invoicing

✓ Account Manager

You can also try the one-time pack for $9. It offers 30 minutes of voice generation and all features of the basic plan. 

Get a discount of 33% by opting for annual billing. 

Pros and Cons of using Murf AI Voice Generator


✓ Easy to use

✓ Best collection on AI Voices

✓ User-friendly platform

✓ 124 voice overs available in 19 languages

✓ Convert home recording into professional voiceovers

✓ Free account to test the product before you opt for any paid plan

✓ Affordable Pricing

✓ Full HD Video Export


✕ We didn’t find anything we didn’t like but we feel that the developers should add more languages

Final Conclusion 

Don’t have anyone to read the voiceover text? Don’t want to hire professional voiceover artists? Want to have the freedom to generate and edit voiceover for your videos, presentations, and podcasts? Murf is a one-stop solution for your requirements. 

Be it for educational purposes or entertainment or promotional, make the most of the AI studio to share stunning high-quality presentations and audio with your target audience. Let customers identify your brand just by listening to a voice.

Try Murf today.