5 Best Text to Speech (TTS) Software of 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Best Text to Speech Software

The world of technology has grown at a rapid pace. Days are gone when you had to read a long paragraph on your own. To make content easily consumable, developers have gifted us with text-to-speech software, which makes our lives easier. 

Text to speech is a kind of speech synthesis application that reads digitally written texts aloud. People of every age find it helpful due to many reasons. Besides, this software is a blessing for visually impaired people with learning disabilities. 

From breaking language barriers to helping people gulp digital content without reading much, this text-to-speech software is setting milestones. So, are you now looking for the best text-to-speech software, conquering the market of 2021? Well, then the following five can be the right option for you. Have a look.

5 Best Text to Speech Software of 2023

1. WebsiteVoice 


Our first choice in this list of best text-to-speech software is WebsiteVoice, which is compact and efficient with its unique characteristics. To enable your website to become more agile and acceptable, you can use this software and make it read all your textual content. 

First of all, this software is simply amazing in terms of ease of installation. All you need to do is create a free account with it and then customize it as per your requirements to allow it to serve you seamlessly. 

It offers a wide range of benefits like enhancement of user engagement, improvement in accessibility, and facilitation of seamless web functionalities. Further, it will help you gain a vast range of subscribers to enable the best form of success. 

Feature highlights

  • Auto Content recognition 
  • Smart and natural voice that sounds very clear and understandable 
  • Multiple language support 
  • Easy speed control with pitch maintenance 
  • Customizable 

Best for whom?  

Publishers or bloggers who want to make their site reachable to a large audience can use this software as it will deliver high-quality audios in less than 5 minutes to read the content aloud. 

Official website: https://websitevoice.com/ 

2. Natural Reader

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is another excellent text-to-speech software that includes some interesting features. Firstly, this tool is very easy to use. So, to start with this software, you need to begin uploading your documents into its library directly. 

What makes this tool more unique is its ability to allow you multiple file management across several formats. This tool further showcases its in-built OCR that lets you upload all your photos or text scans and convert them into speeches. In addition, you can also create audio files easily for commercial purposes. 

So, whether you want to generate audio for your eLearning material or intend to use it for broadcasting, IVR systems, and public use, do it seamlessly. 

 Feature highlights

  • It facilitates a more natural-sounding voice that is easy to understand 
  • OCR technology makes the functions seamless 
  • You can listen to your post upload or convert it into an mp3 format

Best for whom? 

We recommend this software to learning enthusiasts such as students, working professionals, foreign language learners, etc. Also, people with dyslexia can rely upon this software. 

Official website: https://www.naturalreaders.com/ 

3. Naturaltts


Looking for the best text-to-speech software may not be your ultimate goal. But you might be searching for some extra benefits and utility in the software that others fail to offer. Thus, we suggest you check out Naturaltts, which is unique in its way. 

This software delivers a huge versatility for voices that you can pick seamlessly to make your tasks easier. From reading digitized texts to converting your screenshots into a piece of audio, you can do everything quite gracefully through this tool. 

Feature highlights 

  • Comes with 61 natural-sounding voice options 
  • OCR technology is used for commercial plan customers 
  • Seamless SSML support 
  • Unique commercial benefits with audio support
  • IVR Voice generator 
  • Voiceover of your YouTube videos 
  • Easy audio file downloads

Best for whom? 

Whether you want to excel in your commercial space or you’re a YouTube influencer who is looking for a huge opportunity for a voiceover of your videos, you can choose this software without any second thought. 

Official website: https://www.naturalreaders.com/ 

4. Voicepods 


Go for simplicity; go for Voicepods! This unique software is made to deliver you success with its exclusive text-to-speech functionality. Thus, the ease of using a vast range of versatile and excellent features makes it an outstanding choice for any.

This software even lets you create a custom voice that can further leverage you with great personalization benefits. Moreover, you can customize the voices as per your suitability to make your journey more accessible and impactful.

Feature highlights

  • Converts any text into speech within 30 seconds 
  • Supports 9 foreign languages with 16 international voices 
  • Include an expressive content editor 

Official website: https://www.voicepods.com/ 

Best for whom? 

This software is great for API developers as it enables them to integrate their voices to Voicepods in their product. 

5.) Murf.AI


Murf AI Voice Generator Is another professional voiceover tool with hyper-realistic AI voices for videos and presentations.

Feature highlights

  • More then 110 AI voice available in 15 languages
  • Add video, image or music for perfect voiceovers
  • Convert home recordings to powerful voiceovers
  • Integrated with Grammar Assistant to solve grammatical mistakes
  • Try for Free to test the features
  • Generate voiceover in minutes

Best for whom?

Corporate Coach, Podcaster, Animator, Customer support, Author, Marketer, Educator, Product developer

Final Conclusion

It is often tough to find the best-in-class text-to-speech software as the market is filled with many choices. So, to make your decision-making simpler, we have discussed the 5 best text-to-speech software, which are filled with top-notch features and made to deliver you the best user experience. So, if you are looking for one, feel free to check out the above-mentioned text-to-speech software.