Turning Facebook Followers into Customers: Converting Likes into Leads

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Turning Facebook Followers into Customers

Social media is a great platform to connect with people from all over the world and share your thoughts with them. There are many networks but the giant among them is Facebook which has 3 billion and more users monthly (Source: Statista).

Thus, businesses today are using the power of connecting millions of audiences through Facebook marketing. On the other hand, audiences are also enjoying the ease of exploring and shopping within a single platform. Thus, clearly, Facebook is booming to become full-on e-commerce. Moreover, today, businesses are embedding Facebook feeds into their website for more conversion and boosting their sales rate.

Facebook marketing is a great strategy for businesses to talk about their business to millions of targeted audiences, showcase their products, and make strong engagement on the platform. However, if you are one of those businesses who are noticing people are following and connecting with your business on Facebook but are not converting then that’s a serious concern.

Thus, it’s time for you to learn what to post and how on Facebook so that it triggers your followers to become your actual buyers. This article is all about teaching you how to convert the likes into leads and make your followers your reliable customers. Let’s take this walk and explore the points mentioned further in this article that will help to boost sales.

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Techniques To Consider For Turning Your Facebook Followers Into Your Valuable Customers

Is it enough for you to just gain followers from social media marketing?

Of course not, because when you are trying Facebook marketing for your business it is not just to gain followers but to make them your esteemed customers and to grow your business. However, there is no point in following a marketing strategy from which you are not winning customers and not helping your business to grow.

If you look closely there must be something needing improvement in your marketing effort or maybe you need to be able to place the root of your Facebook marketing strategy correctly.

Don’t worry we got you and below are some techniques of effective Facebook marketing that have been shared with you. This will give you the chance to rewind your Facebook marketing strategy and plan it in a way that will bring you conversion. So, let’s get started.

1. Suitable contents

The posts that you are making on behalf of your business on your Facebook business page play a big role in the engagement.  The first thing to ensure is that your Facebook marketing content must be around relevant topics of your business that match your audience’s interest. That is why it is the best idea to start with keyword research. This way you are able to find topics that your audience finds most interesting to interact with and are related to your business.  

If you are still dont able to find a suitable topic for your business content then go through the Facebook business page of your competitors. Then find the topic that people most interact with and trigger them to buy their product. Then incorporate your ideas into those content ideas and make it informative as per your engagement.

2. Make strong moves with video content

Video content has much more power than you think. Thus, incorporate the power of video content into your Facebook marketing strategy and think of it as an investment, not a hassle. The taste of modern audiences has changed a lot and they find video content from businesses very engaging. Thus, make video content be top priority for your successful Facebook marketing.

There are various types of videos that you can take in to use for your Facebook marketing. Let’s give you an idea for your video content. Below is the list. Have a look.

Informative: Your audiences must have the urge to know more about your brand and the products you are offering. So, make videos of your products telling them everything that they need to learn about your product before purchasing.

Promotional videos: Encourage your audiences to buy from your brand thus making exciting promotional videos. Announce interesting and eye-grabbing offers of videos of your products. Add animation with visual effects to make your promotional videos attractive.

Reviews and interviews: Make videos that have a strong impression on your audience so that they build the trust of your audience. Take interviews with your customers or tell them to share their video testimonials so that you can create a video making a collection of them.

3. Catchy image

High-quality images of your products are also very important to share on your Facebook business page. Post product pictures from a different angle and they must be attractive to get viral and reach a wider audience base. You can either use a high-quality camera or your smartphone but must edit those pictures professionally with color and match the voice of your brand making them catchy so that they get more likes and shares.

4. CTA is the game changer

From all these attractive pictures and engaging videos, what do you ultimately want to achieve for your business? What is the end goal after all these efforts? Of course, you want your followers or audience to take action to become your customers. Thus, you must take the game-changing action in your Facebook marketing with CTA.

However, adding CTA to your posts doesn’t mean it will be a “buy now” button or link. You can take that indirect approach as well. You can add “learn more”, “sign up to know more”, or “learn more” kind of CTA. Thus, if your post is able to make a positive impact on your audience then they will take action by themselves. Your posts will naturally influence your followers to be your valuable customers.

Over To You!

Your approach for your Facebook marketing needs to be something that will compel your followers to take action to be your valuable customers. Moreover, not only your followers but your post will reach and convince the broad connection of your followers.

The techniques are shared with you on how to take control and make your Facebook marketing more approachable to convert your followers into your customers.

Read them carefully and implement them in your marketing goals to grow your business while improving sales.