EmbedSocial – Social Media Aggregator Tool for Marketers (How To Use & Benefits)

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Social Media Aggregator 

Marketing is crucial for an eCommerce business to take off. Social media promotions are part of daily activities if you want to increase business visibility and credibility in the market. However, you should do much more to create an impression on the target audience. Your eCommerce website has to be optimized and attractive. It should convince the visitors to make a purchase. 

Sounds like too much work? Well, why not integrate your social media accounts with the website to display the same posts on the site? Why not automate the process and save time? 

EmbedSocial is a social media aggregator tool that connects your eCommerce website with your social media accounts. You can share the best posts from the accounts directly on the website with just one click. Let’s review the tool and know what advantages it offers to business owners. 

What is a Social Media Aggregator? 

A social media aggregator is a tool/ widget that links all your social media accounts and automatically shares those posts on your website. You can select which posts should go up on your website to increase the customer conversion rate. It means you have control over the content on the website but don’t have to spend hours curating the best posts and linking them to the site. 

How to Use EmbedSocial Social Media Aggregator tool? 

It is super easy to use the EmbedSocial widget on your website. Just create an account with Embed Social and add details of your social media profiles. Link the profiles and select the ones that should be integrated with your website. 

For example, you can embed your Instagram feed with the eCommerce website for free. Your IG posts will be automatically shared on the website. This makes the site attractive, and you don’t have to manually upload the photos or worry about the website’s loading speed. The data will be synced periodically so that the latest posts show up. 

Watch Video on How to embed Instagram Highlights on your website?

When a website visitor sees that you are active on social media platforms, it assures them of your credibility. They can easily go through your profiles and gather more information. Those impressed by your posts will follow you on social media. You increase followers and convert visitors to customers using a simple yet effective technique. 

Benefits of Using EmbedSocial on Your Business Website 

1.) JavaScript Support

The EmbedSocial code is supported by most JavaScript websites. There’s hardly anything complicated about the process. 

2.) Fast-Loading Widget

Websites cannot compromise the page-loading speed and affect SEO. The tool ensures that the widget will load quickly instead of keeping the visitor waiting. 

3.) Mobile-Friendly 

More than 50% of users rely on mobile phones to access the internet. The widget is compatible with desktop and mobile websites. The layout is responsive and will adjust automatically.

4.) Combo Widget & Customization 

What if you want posts from different social media platforms in the same widget? EmbedSocial allows combo widgets and customization. You can create widgets for hashtags for promotions. 

5.) Moderation and Control

Naturally, you should have control over which posts appear on your website. EmbedSocial ensures this while automating the process. 

6.) Built-in Templates 

Want to make sure that the widget looks super cool on your eCommerce website? Use the templates and customize them to match the site’s design. 

7.) Stream Live Events 

Do you go live on your social media profiles? Stream it on the website for visitors to catch you live in action. 

8.) Localization 

It’s similar to how local SEO works. The user location will be collected from the browser to share relevant content. 

Users Opinion about Embedsocial

Users Opinion


EmbedSocial has three price plans. The company offers a free trial on paid plans. It also provides a free WordPress shortcode to get started. 


Free Plan: One source, one widget, with auto-sync every 24 hours (either Instagram or hashtag) 

Pro Plan: $29/month; three sources, three widgets, auto-sync every three hours, customization 

Pro Plus Plan: $49/ month; six sources, sixteen widgets, auto-sync every three hours, customization

You can avail of a 20% discount by opting for an annual subscription. The paid plans allow integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Shoppable, & hashtag widgets. Get data analytics and reports to compare with your business KPIs. 

Final Words 

Till now EmbedSocial is used on more than 100,000 websites to curate content from social media accounts. The tool has a 4.8-star rating provided by 589 reviewers. Customer service is excellent at the company. You can reach out to them if you want to add more accounts to the widget than what is allowed in the plan.  

EmbedSocial is a must-use tool in today’s world where visual content creates a better impression on the customers. Put your efforts into growing the business without increasing your workload. Since the tool is compatible with 99% of eCommerce websites, you can make the most of it to boost your sales and increase revenue. 


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