Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Blogging in 2020 for Beginners (Article Updated)

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This is crazy:

“How I made over $1,500,000 from blogging in 2019?” Don’t these articles always grab attention? It used to pull me like magnets! Hence, I finally forayed into it after a lot of deep research. And I am proud to be able to share it with you.

Blogging is a lifestyle-friendly business allowing you to explore your passion and work as per your comfort from your own home (or coffee shop or secluded beach). But, it is generally regarded as a pastime or hobby. However, there are numerous people, including me, who have proved that it is more than possible to earn a great lifestyle through blogging.

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How did I monetizing my blog? Take a sneak-peek at the proven blogging ideas I used to make money. I have also mentioned the ways that I have on my list to further explore.

Points to Remember before Starting

As obvious or challenging as it may sound, you need to ensure a few things before you expect these ideas to really work for you and fetch you an earning good enough to ditch your job to become a full-time blogger.

Create Valuable Content

“Content is king”. Rightly said so, the content you create is the key to your blog’s success. You must take time to understand your interest and niche. Only when your content resonates with your readers and they find it valuable, you can expect to monetize your blog.

Build a Following

This brings us to the next obvious point. Content is a crucial aspect of your blog, but it’s just one piece of the blogging pie. You need to get people to see your creation to generate money from your blog.

Hence, I spend half of my time promoting my blog, driving traffic, and building a following. Word-of-mouth and promotion can work wonders for this. However, consistent engagement to create a loyal community is a great way to ensure a steady income.

  • Prepare for Financial Adaptation

If you’re lucky enough to generate revenue from your blogging activities, then it is important to know what kind of financial implications come with that. Taxes are one major consideration, especially since you’re technically working for yourself and not for an employer. The good news is that you can access a network of tax experts online via TurboTax Live, which means you won’t have to leave your home in Fort Worth, Seattle, Philadelphia, or anywhere else in the United States

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Blogging in 2020

Now that I’ve covered the basics, let’s show you the top 10 ways to make money through blogging in 2020. I came to know from my research that the highest-paid bloggers don’t focus on just one method, and so, I also recommend multiple money-earning ways through one blog.

  1. Direct Advertising

The most popular method of making money from a blog is running advertisements in your blog’ free space. There are various ad networks willing to run ads on your blog for which they pay you for each click or number of people viewing the ad.

2. Affiliate Programs

Another very common method to generate blogging income is through affiliate marketing. It simply means that you can recommend a company’s product through the content on your blog and generate a potential lead for the company. And each time your users click on unique product links through your blog and/or make a purchase, the affiliate/company pays you a commission. The links are included in the content or banner ads.

3. Offer Consulting Services

Today, there’s a big demand for consultants in nearly every niche. If you excel in a particular field, you can easily charge by the hour for the advice you would otherwise give away for free probably.

4. Write Sponsored Posts

As your blog grows, you can receive multiple sponsored post requests. When people see your experienced work in a niche, they would happily pay you the demanded rate to get your content on their website.

5. Sell a Product/Service

If you have something interesting to sell, a blog is an effective space to make it an e-commerce platform. Many bloggers use their blogs to sell their products, such as eBooks, virtual courses, images, music, apparels, shoes and more.

6. Dropship Products

If you don’t have the resources to manage shipping and inventory, but still are interested in selling products on your blog, dropshipping is a great way to do this and earn money with minimum risk.

7. Write Tutorials

We are shifting into a Do-It-Yourself world. Online tutorials for any topic today attract a vast audience. Hence, this can be a great way to earn money, as it attracts a bigger audience getting links and social shares. You can also either include affiliate links for the products used in your tutorial or promote your own products. Both ways it’s a win-win situation.

8. Product Reviews

Reviews are getting bigger by the day as people want an honest review online before buying any product/service. Hence, connecting to the relevant businesses for reviewing their products/services can get you highly paid.

9. Take your expertise offline

You saw how to earn money through blogging online, but that’s not your only option. You can leverage the reputation of your blog and expertise you’ve built to offer other services offline such as taking up projects that clients may offer post seeing your work on your blog. You can display and promote your work on other platforms like Quora and LinkedIn.

10. Sell Your Blog

This may sound unusual, but selling your blog for a considerable sum is a real possibility if you have a strong following, popular brand, and valuable content.

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That’s one of the best ways to make money online if you run a blog or youtube channel.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a busy parent, college student, or someone who does not like their job and want to do something meaningful to them, these ten ways are everything you would need to know. I am a happy freelance blogger today, and you can be too. Do share if you have some other fantastic ideas.

Happy blogging!