Future of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 - Make Money Online| High paying Affiliate Programs

Future of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 – Make money online | High Paying Affiliate Programs

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Future of Affiliate Marketing is really rocking ..

Affiliate Marketing is a booming industry and it’s one of the best ways to make money online in Digital Marketing Industry.Those who wants to live life at it’s own terms and conditions then they should start learning the art of Affiliate Marketing. As marketing industry is changing at a very rapid rate and Google is releasing lot of updates every week to make the digital marketing industry more reliable and user friendly hence Advertiser’s have to think about the commission structure and do make changes in commission scheme according to output.

future of affiliate marketing

According to  recent survey

“Affiliate Marketing Industry can grow upto $6.8 billion in next 5 years and play’s a crucial role for both advertisers and publishers to make money online with the help of Affiliate Marketing.”

Do you know what Advertisers and Publishers think about Affiliate Marketing Industry?

Nearly 90% of advertiser’s said that affiliate programs are very important for any business strategy and 20% of the overall revenue comes through affiliate marketing only, affiliate plays a crucial role in increasing your business without any investment while publishers have endless oppurtunity to make money online through affiliate marketing and earn commission.

Enormous oppurtunity for publishers to take benefit out of that cool and simple marketing industry while advertiser’s take affiliate industry one of the major factors of success and must adopt the business model.

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Some predictions about Affiliate Marketing by legends of Affiliate Industry

  • David Tile, Founder & Director of Nimble Media


  •  Devon Kirk, Marketing Manager for Get Payroll & Simon Payroll App

    Affiliate marketing future

  •  Cole Hernandez, Founder of Pink Graffiti

    Affiliate Marketing future

Affiliate Marketing is providing you a platform where you can stand and grow independently , nobody is your boss, you can work virtually from anywhere and earn money while you sleep.

Some facts and figures

  • According to a survey done recently more then 80% of advertiser’s and publishers are running an affiliate program
  • Advertiser’s spend more then 10% of budget to Affiliate Marketing
  • Maintaining Relationship with publishers play a very crucial role in affiliate industry hence if advertisers wants to grow and build the successful affiliate channel then they must think about how to maintain and build relationship.

Affiliate Marketing is a growing industry and continously evolving. Advertisers will be able to drive higher net realized and is able to deliver large volume of transactions all they need is quality publishers and quality traffic.

I think now you are aware of future of Affiliate Marketing so let’s discuss now how to make money online through high paying affiliate programs

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to choose a right niche and affiliate network to promote your product

Does is sounds good? Yes /No/Maybe

Let us know in the comments below at the end of the article

Before we dive into affiliate programs let’s learn the major payout models

  1. CPS – (Cost Per Sale)

Also known as Pay Per Sale Model , high paying revenue share model where you will get commission for every sale you deliver to merchant website.

Very Clear and simple model, deliver sale and earn high commission.

  1. CPC -(Cost Per Click)

Earned commission on every click you delivered to merchant’s website, payout depends on the no of clicks you deliver.

  1. CPL -(Cost Per Lead)

For every genuine lead you will get payout which includes submitting a registration form or contact us form.

  1.  CPM( Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

Publishers who have tons of traffic work on this model delivering millions of traffic everyday to advertisers and earn commission. Also Publishers can earn money by working with adnetworks as Taboola, Adsterra etc and make money online

  1. CPI (Cost Per Install)

Also known as Pay Per Install where you will get payout for every app installation, marketers are shifting to mobile hence today revenue generation and payout is high in mobile.

I hope you understood now about payout models of Affiliate Business.

Let’s talk about few  High Paying Affiliate Programs

  1. Skimlinks

Started in 2007 , headquarted located at Sanfrancisco Newyork and is known to be a leader in Affiliate Marketing Industry  providing affiliate marketing solutions with commission range of upto 70% , currently working with 20,000 merchants and 1 million publishers so you will be in safe hand if you  join skimlinks

  1. ShareAsale

Started in 2000, headquarted located at Chicago US very popular in Affiliate Marketing Industry and one of the best and reliable affiliate networks for publishers and advertisers.

With more then 4000 merchants and 3000 products it’s a well known network with great reputation in the market.

  1. Avangate

Avangate is one of the high paying affiliate programs when it comes to selling software online with trusted payment gateway. Providing you complete E-commerce solution starting from setting up product , taking care of payment gateway and and handling publishers all is taken care by Avangate.

Partnered with 4000 digital business in more then 180 countries.

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