TokenMetrics Review – One Solution for Profit from Crypto

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Since the inception of the cryptocurrency industry, people have been investing in and making money from its volatility. Now is the perfect time for casual traders, investors, and beginners to enter the cryptocurrency market. Crypto trading is just like trading stocks, and it’s a great way to invest in the future of our world. In fact, some cryptocurrencies gain 100x value in just a few years! Currently, lots of people are developing a keen interest in the hidden gems of crypto. However, there are some fears of losing hard-earned money. TokenMetrics, an AI driven cryptocurrency analysis and research platform, provides its users with a profitable solution to this problem.  

What is TokenMetrics?

The TokenMetrics system was developed by the best investment analyst, developers, and traders from companies like IBM and JP Morgan. Token Metrics is a renowned provider of cryptocurrency data, research, and rankings. They created an original AI-powered software platform that delivers comprehensive and institutional-grade cryptocurrency evaluations by combining the skills of their investing team, data scientists, and engineers.

Tokenmetrics Features


Artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrency indices for all investment and trading types. Customers of Token Metrics can track over 30 crypto exchange-specific indices with a range of rebalancing times. This enables you to compare their performance to that of bitcoin and the market.

  • Exchange Indices: All, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Uniswap, and Kucoin. 
  • Time horizon: Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily.

To give investors the industry’s most comprehensively vetted crypto-asset evaluations and reviews, they tested over 20 million AI models using over 70 quantitative data points. Building profitable crypto portfolios is simple with these everyday insights


Their patented Visual Trends Indicator uses machine learning to generate indications for over 6K crypto assets, indicating whether they are bullish or bearish. Customers utilize this technical data, organized by market cap, to choose whether to purchase or sell.


It provides rolling daily price predictions on 6K+ coins, powered by machine learning. For complete openness, it will reveal how accurate their models have been over the past year.


Just like having a finger on the pulse of the crypto market, Token Metrics can track and monitor a number of on-chain indicators for various cryptocurrencies. The transparent nature of crypto projects means they frequently give off useful signals that can help analysts anticipate what will happen in the future. Token Metrics’ on-chain indicators include market value to realized value (MVRV), free-float market capitalization, spent output profit ratio, and more. Token Metrics analysts help you interpret all this data today to keep you profitable tomorrow, next week, and next year.


It pays to know what people are saying on social media about crypto projects you might be invested in. Are they slamming it and triggering negative price action? Are they singing its praises and ushering in a new wave of buyers? Token Metrics can track social sentiment on various cryptocurrencies as an added window on how prices might move in the future. Each coin’s sentiment is graded both generally and versus the specific social media platform upon which it is discussed. 


Cryptocurrency markets move notoriously quickly. Therefore, it follows that the crypto-news cycle moves even quicker. To keep you up to date, Token Metrics offers news, analysis, and project reviews from the best researchers on a daily basis.


Get unique crypto news and analysis from our top team of financial experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily market updates, price projections, hidden gem investment ideas, technical deep dives, interviews with crypto movers and shakers, and much more are all part of our schedule.

Why Choose TokenMetrics?

  • A great amalgamation of Human Capital and Technology 
  • Use of AI and Machine learning for Data Analytics
  • Analyse over 70 data metrics from diverse fields
  • In the News – Featured in leading business publications such as CNN, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Business Insider on a regular basis.
  • Satisfying Customers gaining from this platform from all over the world. 
  • TokenMetrics has a global staff with experience working for IBM, J.P. Morgan, Deloitte, and Barclays.
  • Don’t need any expertise to use its platform; TokenMetrics is doing all research to keep your money safe 

Tokenmetrics Pricing Plans

Tokenmetrics has 4 types of plans available and the cheaper one is the basic plan

Let’s check each plan

  1. ) Basic (7 Day Trial for $0.99)

       → $19/month | $199/year | 2 months free

  • Crypto assets by ratings powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Crypto portfolio tracker
  • Access to the Tokenmetrics Navigator where you will get insights of crypto market
  • Optional add ons:-

                   ✓ Daily insights: $20/month or $240/year

                   ✓ TMTV ($5/month)

                    ✓ TMTV+ ($10/month)

  • Discuss with Tokenmetrics Crypto group in Telegram
  • Weekly webinars to guide you on how to create winning crypto portfolios

2.) Advanced ( 7 Day Trial for $4.99)

            → $99/month | $999/year | 2 months free

  • Everything in Basic plus
  • Crypto Research and Analytics
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Email alerts on important crypto news
  • TMV+
  • Access to the advanced telegram group and connect with Tokenmetrics gurus

3.) Premium ( 7 Day Trial for $14.99)

             → $299/month | $2999/year | 2 months free

  • Everything in advanced plus
  • Crypto research and analytics that includes Correlation, sentiment analysis, onchain (ETH, Bitcoin and stable coin)
  • Private Webinars for premium members and sms/telegram alerts
  • Access to the Tokenmetrics private network or group

4.) VIP ( Get in touch with Tokenmetrics team for more information)

→ $749/month | $7499/year | 2 months free

  • Everything in premium plus
  • Gain access to the VIP Tokenmetrics Telegram group and discuss directly with Researchers, Analysts and CEO – Ian Balina

NOTE:-   Please take a note of that there is a limited CAP available for customers who wants to join the VIP plan. You can email to team for more information.

Final Conclusion

By turning a $20,000 investment into over $2 million in just four months, Token Metrics CEO Ian Balina has proven the successful qualities behind Token Metrics’ investment methods. Token Metrics, unlike many other crypto investors, did not begin with financial advisors or fund managers. Ian Balina comes from a non-financial background, in the field of computer science and software development. Ian was one of IBM’s top experts in IBM Watson Analytics around the world; IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer famously defeated Garry Kasparov in chess in 1997.

Token Metrics is different from other cryptocurrency rating platforms due to its reliance on artificial intelligence and quality human reasoning. Token Metrics offers a fantastic opportunity to apply their expertise in the crypto sector to produce data that will assist their users in investing in the firms that will shape the future. So, even if you’re a beginner trying to profit from these currencies, TokenMetrics is for you.