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Top 7 cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrencies have conquered modern financial world at incredible speed. In a couple of years the quantity of people who know such terms as “Bitcoin” and “blockchain”  has multiplied. Meanwhile, for many the word “Bitcoin” has become synonymous with the word “cryptocurrency”, which is just absolutely untrue: as of June 2020, there are over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, and the number is still growing. Nevertheless, all these digital currencies share the ideology of decentralization and high security. Anyone who has recently discovered the crypto world and is unfamiliar with the subtleties of this area wants to know two things: how to buy crypto and what exchange is the best for it.

To help these newcomers and maybe to give some thoughts to the old-timers we decided to make the list of 7 best crypto exchanges. So if you are determined to invest in electronic currencies, don’t waste a second and examine the article!

1. Changelly

This swapping service is among the most popular ones. Changelly provides its clients with a mechanism of fixed rates, that protects them from market fluctuation risks during the process of exchange. At the time when user sees aggregate figures, the platform integrates a small reserve inside the exchange rate to keep them stable. The service launched an app in 2 modifications — for iOS and for Android — not so long ago, and the exchange process became even easier. Changelly keeps the right to request its users for KYC verification in some instances.

2. Quickex

Quickex is very convenient platform both for beginners and for experts. It was released two years ago and the results it has already achieved are amazing. The website interface is user-friendly and it is very easy to work with the exchange. On clients can check the market value of any crypto offered by the service — and the range is not small. Transactions are fast, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes for them to complete. The process of exchange is quick and simple — you just have to follow three steps.

3. ChangeHero

It is a cryptocurrency exchange and swap service where users can swap between various digital currencies instantly and buy them with credit or debit cards through a third-party service called Mercuryo. The platform operates since 2018 and it has already conquered the hearts of many in cryptocommunity. It is known as a safe swapping service because it is non-custodial — its users are in control of their money. It offers a wide range of digital currencies and its website is available in a wide range of languages.

4. ChangeNOW

If you aim at practicing crypto-to-crypto trading, it is the best bet. The service enables 2 ways of exchanging coins: applying the floating rate or the fixed rate mechanism. It has its own token called NOW — it has moved from ETH blockchain to Binance mainnet not long ago. Originally, the service was constructed on the Changelly API basis, therefore their interfaces are much alike. ChangeNOW reserves the right to ask its users to pass KYC verification, if necessary, temporarily freezing suspicious transactions.

5. is absolutely automated exchange service. It provides its users with a huge selection of different cryptocurrencies to swap. The platform offers high limits and the special system chooses for you best rates possible. The service is distinguished by incredibly friendly support team, which is here to help you at all times of day and night.

6. CoinCraddle

This instant cryptocurrency swapping service is undoubtedly one of the best. The developers say they are improving the service constantly to offer its users the best exchange experience. You don’t need to be registered to use the service — CoinCreddle is safe as much as possible. Transactions are fast — it usually takes about 10 minutes or less to complete one.

7. Swapy

The platform claims to provide its users with the best exchange rate possible. Swapy supports more than 70 various cryptocurrencies. What is very good about this place is that its clients don’t need to place orders by themselves. The prices are good and the fees are law. Another feature that makes the service so user-friendly is the possibility of tracking all the exchange flows to your wallet directly on the screen in real time.

Before you planned to invest in cryptocurrencies decide what’s the best time for trading and be careful when investing in these electronic currencies.