Crypto Pro: Your Ultimate Trading Guide to get the Crypto Data

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The primary factors that lie behind the popularity of cryptocurrency these days are their ease of use and trading. This stems from the fact that cryptocurrencies are secure, decentralized, and fast. Crypto can be used internationally, and the integrity of the system stays high in low-cost operations. One can do unlimited, fast transactions with full anonymity and transparency.

Crypto Pro makes all investment-related information readily available

Crypto Pro’s cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is your one-stop-shop for all one’s cryptocurrency requirements. It allows one to view the latest prices, set price alerts, monitor portfolios, and read the latest news. CryptoPro is currently available for Mac devices, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


Top features of Crypto Pro

o   Exchange API Import

CryptoPro automatically imports your trades and portfolios. This is straight from the exchanges that you use.

o   All traded crypto assets

A trader does not have to worry about trading small and micro caps. While it is out there, CryptoPro has it.

o   Feature-rich Crypto toolkit

A feature-rich that allows users to lock the app with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode, sync through iCloud, view Candlestick charts, use Siri shortcuts, and much more.

o   Sync across devices

The app is available on all Apple devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You can use iCloud to sync all your data across devices.

Cryptopro Apps

o   Cryptocurrency tracker

CryptoPro gives users access to real-time crypto stats with interactive charts and market prices. It further allows one to create a custom watchlist for one’s preferred precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

o   Portfolio overview

You can track portfolios manually, or upon connecting with exchanges and wallets, import your data automatically. You can also view equity history charts, assets distribution, gains, losses, and more.

o     Crypto news

News can be curated based on the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, your favorite list, or the entire crypto market..

o   Price Alerts

You can set customizable price alerts for cryptocurrency pairs on specific exchanges, or for global average prices.

o   Complete Privacy

While CryptoPro makes top-grade features available, it ensures complete privacy for the users. Your data stays encrypted and is locally stored over your phone. The app does not store, analyze, or process data in any way. You can choose to back up your data via iCloud, and sync it across your devices.

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto Signals are the trading ideas & insights by experts who spend a lot of time analyzing the market which helps you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a right time.

Summing up

If you are interested in the cryptocurrency markets or are associated with crypto in any capacity, Crypto Pro can be an incredible resource for you. You’ll be able to monitor your investments, read the news, and set price alerts in just a few taps.