Thanksgiving Day 2019: 5 Thoughtful Things to Do Technologically

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Happy ThanksGiving 2019

Thanksgiving is one of the earliest holidays celebrated during the fall. The purpose of the celebration is primarily to express gratitude for a plentiful harvest. It is that time of the year when friends and family get together to feast and give thanks for all that we are blessed with in life.

When is Thanksgiving 2019?

Thanksgiving in the US is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, which lies on November 28 this year. With only a couple of months left, people have started planning on how to make Thanksgiving different this year. We have collected some basic ideas that can make your Thanksgiving a little more special and giving.

How Can Technology Help?

Everyone on a gala occasion like this would wish for one common thing— staying away from technology by shutting down our computers and ditching the smartphones until picture time. Disconnecting for a day? That rarely happens.

But what if technology can actually bring us together on Thanksgiving? Let’s look at some simple yet effective ideas where technology can actually help.

  1. Say thanks with technology
    We can’t all be together on Thanksgiving, yet you ought to say thanks to all those who could not make it. No matter how many time zones apart you and your loved ones are, a simple online video conferencing app like FaceTime or Skype can bring smiles to so many faces who did not expect you.

2. Digital kitchen tools

Being technologically advanced with the cooking apps and timers can be such a saviour on thesebig occasions. Theinstant recipes, planning and cooking assistants are here to save that precious time you could use for expressing thanks and love to so many.

3. Turkey with technology

There’s no Thanksgiving without Turkey. But slicing up a turkey the old- fashioned way can be a pain. An electric knife can save time, avoid frustrations, and make the serving of the main dish easier.

4. Upgrade your entertainment

A typical Thanksgiving starts with Macy’s Parade early morning. But what happens when the choices increase to various classics movies and multiple football games? The remote-battle happens! This Thanksgiving, upgrade to solutions like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and everybody would thank you while enjoying their favourite shows.

5. Get ready for Black Friday festival

Have you gone through the irresistible deals of Black Friday 2019? If not, you are missing out big time! Check out the best deals of this year and make your shopping list ready.  And you won’t have to ruin your Thanksgiving evening for that. Black Friday is going to be as much an online thing as the brick-and-mortar one. So get shopping-ready without giving up your comfort and family-time.

Final Conclusion

This Thanksgiving, let’s make small changes for good and focus on family, friends, and food. And wait, one last idea? — Don’t forget technology to capture those big smiles and memories you’ll cherish forever.

Happy Thanksgiving!