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It’s sometimes hard for kids to speak. The reasons could be various. But we see them struggling to be articulate and put their thoughts into words. Of course, the same happens to a lot of adults as well. But if the issue can be sorted when they are children, it wouldn’t mess up their self-confidence, right? 

Speech therapies and multiple sessions are one way to handle speech issues. But these take time and money. And the kid would have to go through the turmoil of emotions in the process. What if you can make speech learning a fun activity? What if you start working on your child’s speech pattern when they are as young as one year old? 

Speech Blubs is a speech learning app that has been designed for kids to speak better, sooner, and with a whole lot of confidence. 

Overview Of Speech Blubs – Speech Learning App for Kids

Speech Blubs was started by four men who grew up as boys with speech problems. They wanted to create a speech learning tool that was fun, educative, and interactive. Speech Blubs is the result of their efforts and research. The app has activities that have been approved by certified therapists. 

Be it speech delays, Down syndrome, apraxia, autism, or any other cause- the speech learning app will help and guide kids to understand sounds, phonetics, voice notes, and intonations. It helps them gain confidence without putting any additional pressure on their fragile shoulders. The app is aimed to boost not only the speaking abilities of a child but also their intellectual capabilities. 

Features of Speech Blubs

  • Kid Expert- The kids practice speech by watching the ‘kid’ experts who teach them how to pronounce a word or a letter. 
  • Knowledge and Learning- The app acts as a picture book to teach kids the names and sounds of animals, vehicles, etc. It’s a fun way to identify the things and beings around them and learn what they are. 
  • Sentence Building- The app doesn’t stop at words. You can watch your kids structure their sentences and speak out, loud and clear. Their ideas will no longer be a jumbled mess in their minds. 
  • Science-Driven Approach- Speech Blubs was created with inputs from more than 1000 speech-language pathologists. The PSLs have approved the activities provided on the app. The entire process has a solid backing of science and technology.  
  • Resource Center for Parents- It is just as important for the parents to understand their kids’ condition and support them the right way. The company offers various resources in the form of website blogs by experienced therapists. Parents can also communicate with the therapists in the network and find answers to their questions. 
  • 1,500 children-led video activities, 300+ role-playing facial filters, 1000+ educational fun videos, Voice and Speech recognition , Stickers, Mini-games, Guessing games, Riddles and puzzles, Songs and Sentence-building


Speech Blubs Pricing

The company offers a 7-day free trial to use the app. You will have to create an account to check out the detailed price packages. However, the smallest of plans is priced as low as $4.99/ month(yearly) and $14.99(monthly). 

Choose between monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans based on your needs. You can also contact the support team for more information.  

The company website currently has a discount pinwheel that appears as a flash message on the screen. 

Rotate the wheel to try your luck and win attractive discounts or a free iPad. 


Speech Blubs app is recommended for kids aged between 1 and 8. Parents can download the app, sign up for the free trial and start using the app. Remember that the app starts billing immediately after the trial period is over. If you don’t want to pay for it, you should make sure to unsubscribe before the free period ends. 

Download Links:-

The app has face filters, video modeling, fun stickers, speech recognition, and many more creative activities that will have learning fun and easy. You will notice your child enjoying and improving as the days go on. 

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iPhone App


Who Can Purchase Speech Blubs Subscription

Teachers, School Leader, Therapists or District Administrator

Final Conclusion 

Since there is hardly any way to prevent kids from using electronic devices, why not turn their screen time into smart screen time? Let your kids learn in a creative way and feel restricted or terrified by the worldly rules and regulations. Speech problems can be solved at home, that too, without spending thousands of dollars on therapies or exposing the kids to all kinds of situations. 

See your kids grow confident, bold, and strong enough to speak their minds. Watch and support them in their transformation using the Speech Blubs app. 

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