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Discover top questions with organic traffic on Quora

Quora is a popular forum founded in 2009. The platform serves as a question-and-answer community where people ask queries and get replies from experts (and others).

The current Alexa ranking of Quora is 313 and average 3000 – 5000 questions asked per day.

While the platform has become the go-to site if you are looking for answers, it is still not fully explored as a marketing solution. Not many businesses used to think of Quora as a way to expand their brand visibility. 

Quora doesn’t allow direct promotions. However, adding relevant links and mentioning brands is allowed. You use your expertise in the domain to establish your businesses as an authority in the field. However, it’s not always feasible to type detailed replies. That’s where QApop helps by creating artificial intelligence-based answers that are accurate and most suited to help the user. 

Why is Quora a Useful Marketing Tool?

Quora Marketing

Quora can increase your brand’s presence and generate potential leads to convert into customers. The following are some reasons to use Quora as a marketing tool for your business: 

➢ Users will recognize you as an authority in the industry by reading your answers. Use the questions to share your knowledge instead of directly promoting the brand. 

➢ Your replies in Quora can show up among the search results to help increase your search engine rank. 

➢ It’s the easiest way to share your content with users who are not aware of your website/ blog. 

➢ There are many influencers on Quora. You can collaborate with them for brand promotions. 

➢ You can understand your target market and analyze customer behavior. This helps in making changes to existing products/ services or developing new ones. 

➢ The questions on Quora can be used to brainstorm new content ideas for content marketing. You’ll know the latest trends and get the pulse of your audiences. 

Quora statistics that Marketers need to know for 2022

  1. Quora has over 300 million active users
  2. 35% of Americans use Quora
  3. 65% of Quora user have a college degree
  4. Over 400,000 topics available on Quora
  5. Mobile generates the most impressions as compared to desktop and click througs on Quora Ads
  6. Quora DA – 93 & PA – 78
  7. All popular topics on Quora have millions of followers such as Auto, Technology, Entertainment, Shopping, Health, Education, Travel, Fashion and Design, Business,Marketing and Learning
  8. 61% of the traffic on Quora generates from search engines
  9. 43/57 Female to male ratio
  10. Users spend on average 4:11 minutes on Quora

The trends are changing. Business organizations and marketers are slowly unlocking the potential of Quora for promoting a brand and reaching the target audiences. But how is it done? How can a business search for relevant questions and answer them on time? Are there are any tools to track the questions of Quora and run ads to promote the business? 


QApop is an AI-based tool that helps identify the questions related to the business and generates answers to post as replies. You also get notifications about new questions to make the most of the opportunity and subtly promote your business. 

How QApop Works 

QApop has a simple working process. There’s hardly anything complex and confusing when using QApop. 

Step 1. First, it discovers questions based on your niche and keyword preferences. You don’t have to search for the questions. 

Discover best questions

Step 2. Then it helps you frame the perfect answer using the AI content draft. You can post the answers as soon as possible and answer more questions every day. 

Step 3. Finally, QApop sends you regular notifications for new questions in your niche. By answering before others, you can create a higher impact on the user and gain more visibility. 

QA Notification

In short, QApop keeps you active on Quora and helps you use it as a part of your digital marketing strategies. Of course, there’s more to QApop than finding questions and supplying answers. The tool generates traffic reports, runs analytics, and helps you plan the best Quora ads to expand your customer base. It increases website traffic and saves the time spent finding and framing answers. 

QApop Pricing 

The company offers four price plans to choose from: 

  • Free Plan: 100 questions (maximum), filter and data reports, access to learning materials 
  • Starter Plan: $19/ month or $99/ year; 300 questions/ month, tracking 5 keywords every day, 5 AI-powered drafts, and other analytical services. 
  • Essential Plan: $29/ month or $149/ year; 1000 questions/ month, 20 keywords tracking, 15 AI drafts, and analytical services. 
  • Professional Plan: $59/ month or $299/ year; unlimited questions per month, 45 AI drafts, tracking 50 keywords, and analytical services. 

Marketers and agencies can contact the company to create a custom plan for bulk use. Subscribers of paid plans are provided premium customer support. 

Why QApop? Top 3 Reasons

  1. Use QApop explorer to discover the best questions for your clients.
  2. Promote your best answers by running highly efficient and precisely targeted Quora ads.
  3. Answer Questions with AI-Powered Content drafts.

QApop Best For

B2B, SAAS, Marketing agency and Content Marketers

Final Conclusion

Web Traffic Reporting, Keyword Tracking, Report Exporting are some of the functionalities offered by QApop.

In our opinion, QApop is an effective tool to get quality leads and increase the conversion rate. 

The UI is pretty simple and straight forward and you don’t need any kind of assistance or help from expertise to use this awesome marketing tool.

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