Capsule Brings the Most Reliable CRM Platform for You (Updated)

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Capsule CRM

In the crowd of complicated CRM services, all we need is some simplicity. Most business owners demand a simple CRM platform that offers plenty of features yet delivers enhanced ease of operation to nourish and nurture customer relationships. 

Keeping this in mind, Capsule from Zestia has come forward with its efficient CRM service, which is highly unique in terms of smart features packed with utmost simplicity. So, building stronger customer relationships has now become easier with this CRM platform. It is made to improve your sales while saving your time so that you can earn handsome revenue.

So, here is what you need to know more about Capsule CRM service. 

What are the features that Capsule’s CRM offers? 

Capsule’s CRM platform comes with many features that can make your job simpler and faster. This CRM service addresses all the critical areas, which are important for improving your journey in every sale funnel stage. So, here is what this CRM service has to offer you.

1.) Contact Management


Through this CRM platform, you can get an overview of the people and companies you do business with. It will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. You can easily check on them from time to time, which, in turn, will keep you ahead of others. 

2.) Tasks & Calendar 

Capsule CRM lets you stay completely organized with your tasks. It comes with a to-do list and calendar features with which you can easily prioritize your tasks and create appointments. You can even manage all your phone calls, meetings, etc. 

3.) Sales Pipeline 

With Capsule, you can quickly get a complete summary of all your sales opportunities. It presents in front of you a robust sales dashboard that is easy to understand and delivers you every important insight regarding your business deals. 

4.) Sales Analytics  

This CRM platform offers a Sales Analytics tool where you can monitor each aspect of your sales cycle. You will get time to time reports of your sales and revenue, which aids in better decision-making. 


5.) Security & Permissions 

Security is one of the most crucial things to check to keep your business data and earnings protected from vulnerable threats. So, Capsule lets you manage user permissions for your team members so that only selected users can access your records, facilitating an enhanced level of security.

6.) Customization 

It delivers robust ease of customization with plenty of features. So, you can now easily record information with custom-created fields and personalize the look of the CRM platform to match your branding.

What integrations does Capsule CRM support? 

To stay well organized with your online business, it is essential to use add-on services with your CRM platform and boost your functionality. Thus, Capsule brings you robust integration support that you can incorporate to make your tasks smooth and accurate. The following are the integrations it offers: 

  • QuickBooks 
  • Gmail 
  • Outlook 
  • Mailchimp  
  • Xero 
  • FreshBooks 
  • Zapier  
  • Sage 
  • Google Data Studio 
  • All Microsoft 
  • All Google  
  • FreeAgent 

For whom is Capsule CRM the best? 

Capsule’s CRM platform is suitable for all. Whether you are a startup owner, a small businessman, a mid-size business entrepreneur, or you own a large-scale growth business, this CRM platform can seamlessly fit into all your industry-specific needs. So, here are the industries it serves.

  • Professional services
  • Hospitality  
  • Construction 
  • Accountants 
  • Travel agencies 
  • IT & technology  
  • Real estate  

What benefits will you get from Capsule’s CRM service?

Capsule’s CRM platform is made to deliver you multiple benefits to drive your business in the right direction. So, here are the advantages you will get from Capsule.

  • It lets you nurture your customer relationships better with its Contact Management feature. 
  • With its robust sales pipeline feature, you can win better sales and have complete control over your business proceedings.
  • It lets you stay well-informed about your sales analytics so that you can make the best decisions for your business.  
  • Seamless integrations can improve your functionalities and let you enjoy quick task management.

Pros and Cons of using Capsule CRM


  • Simple and Powerful CRM
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Good choice for small businesses
  • Free version available + 30 Day free trial on all plans
  • Easy integration with Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and 3rd party apps like Mailchimp, Xero
  • Mobile App
  • Can be used for email marketing purpose
  • Budget friendly


  • Free plan comes with restrictions
  • Can’t set birthday/anniversary reminders
  • Need to BCC a dropbox address every time you mail someone

Capsule CRM Pricing

Four capsule plans are available, free plan comes with some limitations.

Let’s have a look at each plan in detail

1.) Free

The Free edition can let you store upto 250 contacts and 50 MB storage available 

2.) Professional ($18 per user, per month)

  • Designed for a small team who need to more organized and looking to boost sales.
  • Store 50K contacts
  • Storage of 10GB per user
  • Get access to premium integrations (Xero, Quickbooks,  Mailchimp, Xapier) 
  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Integrations
  • Microsoft and Google Single Sign on
  • Activity Reporting

3.) Teams ($36 per user/month)

This plan is designed for growing businesses or startups. Manage user access, data segmentation and track team performance

Here you will get that’s everything included in Professional plus

  • 100K Contacts
  • 20GB Storage per user
  • Multiple sales pipeline along with advanced Sales reporting
  • User roles and restrictions
  • Team or Individual Record Assignment
  • Custom Activity Types
  • Important fields

4.) Enterprise ($54 per user/ per month)

With enterprise plan you will have a option of premium Onboarding, dedicate account management and priority support

Here you will get what everything included in Team plus

  • 200K contacts
  • 40GB Storage per user
  • Implementation Support
  • Import Assistance
  • Custom Training

Bottom line

To survive in this competitive industry with your business, you need to be highly approachable to your customers. However, your customer management can be tricky if you lack the right helping hand. 

Capulse CRM is the best option for small and medium-size businesses which can be easily integrated with a variety of applications.

We suggest you to try them out.