How To Bulk Convert Hundreds Of HEIC Files To JPG

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What is HEIC

Short for High-Efficiency Image Format, otherwise called HEIF, HEIC is a file format used in Apple devices. When clicking photos with an Apple product, the camera application saves the images in HEIC or HEIF format. 

These files are readable by Apple products, but the problem arises when the users want to access or view these files on other platforms such as their Android TV, Microsoft Windows-based computers, or Linux.  

HEIF files can have one or multiple images in a sequence (similar to an array of images). Each file contains metadata related to all the image(s) in a file format. Since the files aren’t readable on other devices, it becomes highly crucial to convert them to a standard file format using any heic file converter. 

The standard format is one that’s recognized by most devices such as JPG. Converting an image saved in HEIC format to JPG is the safest and best solution to preserve the details.


Below are some strong arguments regarding HEIC Vs. JPG. Please remember that JPG and JPEG are the same thing with minor differences that general users should ignore.


1. HEIC can store large amount of data as compared to JPG file while being able to compress all the data without causing a loss in the image quality.

2. A Standard HEIC file having the same size (in bytes) as that of a JPG file will have a clearer picture quality.

3. Keeping the same image clicked in a HEIC format and JPG format will prove that HEIC images generate a crisp and sharp picture than a JPG file.

4. Some notable features present in HEIC file that are absent in a JPG file are:

a. Better highlight, tones and shadow details.

b. Dynamic range (extended).

c. Higher depth information.

d. 16-bit color format. JPG has 8-bit color format.

e. Non-destructive edits.

f. Transparency.

5. HEIC format is preferred when clicking images in a sequence. This isn’t possible if clicking images in a JPG format.

6. HEIC consumes less space without compromising on the image quality. JPG consumes more space to offer somewhat similar image quality.

7. HEIC file format is purely accessible on all Apple products. Due to license issues, users accessing the HEIC file format need a convertor or so-called opener software that will cost money. Therefore, people accessing HEIC files on non-apple environment convert heic to jpg to avoid spending money on expensive licensed software.

8. Decoding an HEIC file on Windows platform demands high-end hardware. A computer should have Intel 6-th generation or newer CPU since older generations don’t support HEIC decoding hardware. There’s no such hassle when opening a JPG file.

9. HEIC files aren’t accessible on devices running Android lower than 9.0. Additionally, most smartphones are running on inferior versions of Android 9. As a result, Android users will face issues opening HEIC files. JPG files can be opened on obsolete Android versions as well.

HEIC File Online

This is a free-to-use tool that’s used to turn heic to jpg online using a website. The website allows bulk conversion, meaning, it can turn hundreds of heic to jpg in a single batch. Above that, the tool is available globally, allowing users from every corner of the world to take advantage of the free service. This website has proven to be and effective solution to convert heic to jpg.

Convert HEIC Files Online

Advantages Of HEIC File Online

Some salient benefits of using HEIC File Online are as follows:

1. There’s no need to register or login anywhere to begin. Neither there’s a need to subscribe to any service. This allows getting started quickly.

2. Users don’t have to enter their credit card details either. As a result, they can feel safe about being charged money without any notice.

3. The website interface is very user-friendly, allowing even kids to work on it.

4. It’s a lightweight web tool that can function well on any device and web browser. However, it’s suggested to work on it using a PC.

5. Since it operates on a cloud server, there’s no need to download any additional tool on the PC.

6. It doesn’t utilize client-end resources, allowing the website to be run on low-end devices as well.

7. Users concerned about their privacy don’t have to worry. The images will be safe on the server and won’t be distributed or used anywhere, keeping users’ privacy safe.

8. There’s 24/7 support assistance available for users stuck with the service. Reach out to the team to report any issues, queries, suggestions, or complaints.

9. The batch conversion allows faster processing of bulk images within a few clicks.

10. The processing is super fast and the results should be visible within a minute or two under normal circumstances.

11. There should be no data loss during the conversion. A minor drop in the quality shall be noticeable due to the nature of the JPG file format.

12. The images aren’t stored on the server. Users are assured of their security and privacy.

13. Downloading the converted images is no hassle. It’s fast, simple, and quick.

Using HIEC File Online – Simple Steps to convert HEIC TO JPG

Follow the steps below to use the HIEC File Online for efficient image conversion.

  • Visit the official website on any device
  • Drag and drop the images as many as desired. Alternatively, click on the icon to browse and upload the images.
  • In the output list, select the output file format for all the heic files. Users can choose from JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
  • Set the output quality for each file. The value should be a decimal value from the given list. Higher the value, better the quality. It’s suggested to keep the value 0.8 to 0.9 in case of JPEG, while keep it 0.9 or 1 for other file formats. Keeping the value to 1 will cause a drastic increase in the file size of each image.
  • Click on “Convert All HEIC”. The processing will begin. Once the batch is converted and ready to download, click the download button. The files will be saved to the device.

Final Conclusion

By the end of this article, one exciting HEIC to JPG online converter tool was covered in details. Users also learned about the HEIC file format and how it’s different from the regular JPG format.