Gmail Turns 15 Today : Read here when Gmail started by Google

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Happy Birthday Gmail


Yes, it is our very own Gmail’s birthday today. With over 1.5 billion active users in a month, Gmail turns 15 today.

Gmail came into our lives when Paul Buchheit introduced it to us on April 1st, 2004 and till now it is one of the popular platforms from sending and receiving emails to staying connected. Initially, the platform started with the internal capacity of only 1 gigabyte per user but today the platform offers 15GB of free storage to the users.

Over the times, Gmail has modified itself for enhancing the convenience of its users. The users can receive emails to a size of 50MB while they can send emails of 25MB size. in order to send larger files, Gmail now offers the benefits of Google Drive to its users.

A report by CNET states that “All those Google products have more than a billion users each. Android alone powers almost nine out of every 10 smartphones shipped globally.” The report also added, “Yahoo Mail has 228 million users a month. Little by little, Gmail displaced incumbents like AOL Mail and Hotmail.”

A new interface design for Gmail was introduced by Google in January which included new addition features along with new visual implementations. Thanks to this new design, the users can quickly view the attached photos without scrolling through the entire conversation. This addition and the convenience offered by that is widely loved and appreciated by the users.

Google is also planning to add many new features in new Gmail for Android such as category bundles, reminders, etc. which will make this platform even more lovable by the users.

What are your views on this amazing platform which has made our lives better in all the good ways?

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