Save your phone battery by keeping in dark mode; Confirmed by Google!

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Do you charge your android phone every time? If you are nodding in yes; then just do some changes in settings and get rid of from searching the charging point. Change your phone setting from white mode to dark mode and see the magic. Don’t believe us then hear yourself from Google. This time the tech giant Google has themselves confirmed that dark mode saves huge battery life and gave apposite reasons at Android Dev Summit.

How is dark mode a huge help for battery life on Android?

  • Pixels are relived – While on the dark mode the pixels need to do less work compared to the day mode. The colour used in the background is indeed black, and this relieves the pixels from extra pressure.
  • Extends battery life – The white or the day mode tend to influence the battery and its shelf life. It is the reason behind charging the android phone now and then. Plus there are chances of changing the battery; as nonstop charging affects it badly. While in the dark mode retaliates the fact and is safe for the battery.
  • Reduces power consumption – The colours mostly used in the android phones are red, white, blue and green eats up the battery power when set on day mode. The more the brightness the lowest is the battery life.
  • White is not the ultimate – Choosing the white mode for your android phone is not acknowledged as it is one of the prominent reasons for killing the battery.

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Final Words

With the confirmation from the Google itself the dark mode gets its worth. The points explained by the Google associates in the summit are true, and the dark mode should be set for the entire day and not for the night. Even Google is coming with its dark mode. As apart from the reasons mentioned above it also enhances the experiences of video streaming, watching movies and likewise.

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