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A recent data has said that Facebook app is facing some problems on the mobile device as the Facebook has been crashing too much lately. According to the users, the app keeps crashing when trying to access popular social media services. It has been said that problems started to occur yesterday after 12 P.M. also, the social network has confirmed the issues.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platforms where people connect with each other through a simple “Add Friend” button. The app of this website is used by almost all. But the recent crashing of the app has affected many.

In a statement to Express.co.uk, a spokesperson said on the topic of the Facebook app crashing that: “We are aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the facebook app. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Yesterday, many users were facing the problem of app’s keep getting crashed, even after deleting the app, the problem continued. The users tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app but the app didn’t work. UK and Europe users were getting affected a lot with the Facebook’s app crashing.

An independent website Down Detector received hundreds of emails yesterday regarding the Facebook’s constant crashing issues. The outage tracker monitors social mentioned around certain topics to detect outages across the world.

People were complaining about the problem via other social networking sites like Twitter. One person tweeted that “I give up @facebook please produce an app update soon, I can’t take the constant crashing.”, while the other person tweeted that “@facebook why does the app keep crashing? Doesn’t stay open for longer than 2 seconds. Uninstalled and reinstalled update but still crashes each time I open the app”. One person tweeted that “My Facebook app keeps shutting down so I’m forced to tweet whine about running. I hate running.”

Some of the sources suggested that the crashing of Facebook’s app occurred only in Samsung devices; however, the news was not confirmed by anyone.

This issue came up in Facebook’s app after Britain’s data watchdog’s statement came out regarding the fining of Facebook with £500,000 for breaching the Data Protection Act. The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) said that Facebook broke the various laws as it failed to protect the people’s information; also, it failed in being transparent about how people’s data was harvested by others.

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