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Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is on the verge of crossing all the limits to reach the level of success. The current era of digitalization has changed the entire concept of gaming worldwide, and now it is more of potential. The success of games can be understood with the investment that is being done on this industry and if we refer to the reports of Global Games Market almost 137billon dollars as already be invested in this year that is 2018. Let us discuss about the gaming industry, trends and expected revenue in the context of 2019.

Is Gaming industry expanding in every sector?

As we all know gaming has various segments like mobile gaming, console gaming, eSports and blockchain gaming. Now if we examine each of them individually, mobile gaming is said to be excelling with an estimate of 100 billion dollars by 2012. While the traditional video console has not left behind are coming with many new aspects by uniting to the purchase programme. Now, let us check eSports, it has alone gathered the revenue of 900 million dollars and will expand further in 2019 too. Last but the least blockchain gaming is a newborn child but has grown magnificently by cutting down all the barriers related to the middleman. Many new games are being launched in the coming 2019 with an open source gateway using crypto currencies.

What are the expected gaming trends of 2019?

The gaming industry has reached a position where it is not supposed to take any risk, and thus the forthcoming trends should have the potential to stand out seeing the mounting growth of gamers worldwide. Here are some of the gaming trends of 2019

  • The use of new ray tracing technology to come up with hyper-realistic graphics to make the experience of gaming more exhilarating and exciting.
  • There will be an extensive growth in popularity of Arcade games, and it will back in the gaming industry with a bang.
  • Coming up with new laws, protocols worldwide to make resort the bidding on games along authorization of legal sports betting
  • Players will gain more control in the games and will be given the liberty to make the decisions in the game.

What is the expected revenue from the gaming industry in 2019?

Not one or two, around millions of gamers, are there who are incredibly active in the gaming industry, and this raises the expected income to be 123.5 billion dollars in 2019. Along with this, the expected CAGR will be of 3.6% by the end of 2020. The revenue of the games will be directly proportional to its download that to at an augmented rate.

Final words

Today, the gamers have become more lucrative towards the rewards and lives in the game plus are ready to spend huge bucks. Seeing this, developers are also getting a free hand to try something new. 2019 is going to be an excellent year for gaming industry seeing the trends and the expected revenue that is supposed to be generated.


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