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Don’t know about PUBG; then you need to give yourself a splash on your face. Right now PUBG is the most admired game worldwide and has a massive number of players into it. You must be thinking as for why there is so much excitement about this game. So, let me give you all the enthralling facts about PUBG. Here we go!

What is PUBG all about?

Those who are not familiar with PUBG will start playing it after reading this. PUBG is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. The name of the game PUBG says it all! It is a multiplayer battleground wherein all total hundred players from anywhere are allowed to play at the same time. The games start with the player gliding down the parachute to the battlefield. He can choose the timing and the place to land and further needs to find the weapons, arms and so on by looting the other players. Here the player has to be fast and quick or else they will start losing their health. Once the game is on with three features that are solo, duo, squad; the player can choose as per their will, other players will start attacking, and the one who stays till the end becomes the proud winner.

Why is PUBG the most popular game?

  • The game is utterly free clubbed with captivating rewards – PUBG can be downloaded for free, and there is no hidden charge at all. The most moving part of the game is not that it is free, but while the game goes on the further level, many rewards in the form of coins can be won. With these coins, the player can buy more weapons, cross levels and so on.
  • The weapons – People are going crazy behind PUBG as it has a plethora of adventurous and mystifying weapons. They are highly advanced and using them is like fighting in the real battleground. Plus the process of acquiring these weapons through looting the suppresser proffers more tiff fight.
  • The cross-platform game – PUBG has changed the gaming world by bringing the unusual cross-platform strategy. Now there is no bar on what platform you are using, as the player using the Xbox can play with that of the Phone user, PC or even in an iPhone too.
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Final words

PUBG is one such game that offers ultimate fun and frolic is the gaming arena. If you are new to PUBG, then it could be frustrating at first, but the time you have grabbed the essence, it gets rocking. Further, the overall strategy relies on the “Survival of the fittest.” People of all age are loving this game and especially the youth; as they find themselves engaged with the friend’s group for long.


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