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A business website needs to be running at all times. If users cannot access the site, log in, or make a transaction, it will show the business in poor light. With so many businesses areas to focus on, how can you spare so much time to monitor the website? How will you know if there’s a glitch or the site has crashed due to excess traffic? 

Third-party companies offer web monitoring services to constantly track the performance and efficiency of your website and alert you when there’s a problem. This is generally done using a set of automated tools. Hiring web monitoring services, especially for an eCommerce website, is essential in today’s world. You cannot let users feel annoyed or unhappy because of an issue with the website’s functioning. 

Web Monitoring 

The process of testing and ensuring that the end-users can open and interact with a website is known as web monitoring. It helps businesses to stay updated about the status of the website at all times. It improves the website’s overall performance. 

Web monitoring can be performed remotely as well. You can hire a service provider to monitor the business websites and send you an instant alert/ notification when there’s a glitch or an error on the site. 

Try Freshping

Developed by Saas provider Freshworks freshping provides reliable and efficient uptime and performance monitoring services for your website All you need to do is enter the website link and email to get alerts and click on ‘start monitoring’. Simple, isn’t it? 

Freshping is an excellent tool for developers, startups, SMB’s, Bloggers, Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), Marketing agencies.

Why You Should Consider Freshping Web Monitoring Services ?

The web monitoring service providers should offer an array of features that enhance the performance and delivers results. Reliability and accessibility are something you should look for when hiring web monitoring services. 

→ Get Immediate Alerts

Your company website is also a service you provide to your customers. Downtime will mean that your services are not up to the mark. The web monitoring company should monitor the sites from more than one location. Anytime the website goes down, you should get an email alert in less than a minute. 

→ Notification in Multiple Channels 

You cannot always rely on email alerts, right? Your technical team will need to be informed to solve the problem. You should get the alerts irrespective of where you and your team are. Apart from emails, you should have the option to opt for multi-channel notifications on Slack, Twilio, or even via SMS. Setting custom notifications will send the alerts straight to your technical team. 

→ Public Status Page for Transparency 

Customers like it when they know that you’re making an effort to ensure the website’s performance. Ask the web monitoring service provider to set up a webpage where customers can get a real-time view of the website’s status. It shows that you value transparency and can also bring more leads when the website is perfect. 

→ Team Login with Multiple User Accounts 

As your business grows, your technical team will also expand. More team members will want to log in and check the website status or get alerts to their accounts. The service provider should support multi-user login for the same website. This will ensure that someone on the team is always there to handle the website. 

→ Access to More than One Test Location 

As mentioned in the first point, monitoring the website from a single location is not enough. The website’s responsiveness and availability should be tested from multiple locations around the world. It’ll help focus on regions with high traffic. 

→ Versatility 

The web monitoring service shouldn’t be limited to URLs. It should also monitor HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, ICMP Ping, UDP ports, DNS, and web sockets. The services should be available irrespective of which website you’ve got.

→ Access Restrictions and Control 

Not everyone needs access to the login account, isn’t it? It’s enough if some members get an alert about the issue without logging in. Setting up access control will provide additional security and keep your account and website in safe hands. 

→ Regular Reports 

Finally, the service provider has to send you regular reports about the website’s performance for the period. Weekly reports are recommended, though bi-weekly and monthly reports are also good. 

Web monitoring services can ensure that your business website plays its role to perfection. After all, the website is the face of your brand and is vital to brand promotion and brand visibility. How can you increase brand loyalty if your customers are not happy with the website itself? 

Freshping Features

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • API Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Multi-user login
  • Monitor 50 URLs at a 1-minute interval
  • Website monitoring from 10 Global locations
  • Public status pages
  • Email, Twilio (SMS), Freshdesk, Freshservice, Slack integrations
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Voice / SMS Alerts

Pros and Cons of using Freshping


✓ Free check for up to 50 websites

✓ Simple and easy to use

✓ Easy setup and quick monitoring

✓ Awesome UI

✓ Real-time alerts

✓ Excellent customer support

✓ Easy integration with other tools


Honestly, we love the solution… nothing to dislike here

Final Conclusion

Overall Freshping is a powerful and simple monitoring tool to monitor multiple websites, servers & DNS which is relatively easy to use.