Netumo Review 2023:- Website Uptime Monitoring Tool (Updated)

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Netumo - Website Monitoring tool

Your website is the prime point of contact for your followers and customers. When a user sees an ad about your business, they search for the website to get more information. Now imagine what would happen if they find that the website is not working. 

The website could be slow. The connection could be timed out. Or maybe the SSL certificate has expired. There are quite a few reasons for a website to stop working. You need to correct the error as soon as possible and ensure that the site is live 24*7. Not many people prefer to check the same website repeatedly, even when it is down. 

Wouldn’t you lose business this way? Wouldn’t it affect your sales and profits, not to mention your brand image? It is crucial to keep the website in working condition at all times. But that is possible only when you know the instant there’s a problem. 

That means the website has to be monitored round the clock so that you can be alerted whenever there is an error. Luckily, there are various ways to monitor the website without hiring additional employees. 

Netumo is one such platform. It is a domain tracking and uptime monitoring company that allows you to track all your websites and domains from a single location. You can stay up to date about the performance of your websites by registering with Netumo.

What Does Netumo Do?

Netumo monitors the domains and cloud servers. It creates regular reports and performs live checks to ensure that the site has no glitches. There is no need to install any app or software for this.  

Netumo then delivers four types of results to keep you updated about the site’s performance. 

  • OK- the website is fully functional and has no errors 
  • Timeout- the website is very slow
  • Failed- there is something wrong with the site or the SSL certificate
  • NoMatch- the website is live, but the content doesn’t match/ the content is not what it was expected to be

Netumo also checks the SSL certificate. It will alert you if the expiry date is coming up so that you can renew the certificate on time. 

Both HTTP and HTTPS websites can be monitored by the platform. It also tracks the host via TCP IP: PORT or ICMP. The platform offers REST authentication functionality to help you monitor the RESTful APIs. 

Features of Netumo 

✓. Get a notification when the domain registration expires.

✓.  Get reports for several data points to assess the website’s health.

✓.  Get alerts about SSL certificates.

✓.  Get notifications through any communication channel you prefer.

✓   Netumo sends alerts to email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, Twitter, and SMS

While the email and other notifications are unlimited, the SMS notifications are limited based on the pricing you choose. 

What if the website is live but is not loading correctly? That’s covered too. 

The platform also offers email and phone support services. 

Netumo Pricing and Packages 

Netumo Pricing

Netumo offers the following price packages:-

👉  Free ($0/Year) – Suitable for Startups and Freelancers

  • Track one domain
  • Monitor one Website once every 15 minutes 
  • Unlimited Email notifications/day
  • Unlimited Slack, MS Teams, Twitter, Telegram notifications/day
  • No SMS
  • No Organization Members
  • Email Support

👉  Lite ($1.75/Year) – Suitable for Small Businesses

  • Track 20 domains
  • Monitor 20 Websites every 2  minutes 
  • Unlimited Email notifications/day
  • Unlimited Slack, MS Teams, Twitter, Telegram notifications/day
  • 5 SMS notifications/day
  • 2 Organization Members
  • Email & Phone support
 Billed Yearly (Save $3!) 

👉  Value ($3.75/Year) – Suitable for Medium-Sized firms

  • Track 50 domains
  • Monitor 50 Websites every 2  minutes 
  • Unlimited Email notifications/day
  • Unlimited Slack, MS Teams, Twitter, Telegram notifications/day
  • 20 SMS notifications/day
  • 5 Organization Members
  • Email & Phone support
 Billed Yearly (Save $15!) 

👉  Plus ($7.25/Year) – Suitable for Medium to Large organizations

  • Track 100 domains
  • Monitor 100 Websites every 2  minutes 
  • Unlimited Email notifications/day
  • Unlimited Slack, MS Teams, Twitter, Telegram notifications/day
  • 50 SMS notifications/day
  • 20 Organization Members
  • Email & Phone support
 Billed Yearly (Save $33!) 

You can get a discount by choosing annual billing. 

Pros and Cons of using Netumo


  • Netumo mobile App will help you to get notifications via  Telegram/Slack/email/Twitter team
  • Reliable and Powerful website monitoring tool
  • Really  awesome UI design
  • Easy to setup and affordable
  • Quick alert via sms/email if website is down 
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Get complete health reports 


  • Only monitor web-based and cloud-based site

Final Conclusion 

Netumo takes only a few minutes to start monitoring the website after you register and create an account. Don’t let technical glitches affect your business. The website should be an asset to your business. 

We have been using Netumo for a while now and can confirm that the platform works wonderfully well. We get an alert immediately whenever there is an issue with any of our websites. It helps us fix the issue immediately.

Netumo should be your choice if you are looking for website and server monitoring.

If you are using any other website monitoring services, please let us know in comments.