Filecamp Online Proofing: Features, Cost, Reviews – Subscribe Today

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The process of online proofing is exactly what it sounds like – review and approval of creative work online on a secure network. The feature is provided as a solution by most high-end Digital Asset Management (DAM) software known as Filecamp which is one of the leading online proofing solutions preferred by some of the top brands of the business world. Before DAM software were a thing, different departments had to maintain either a paper trail or an email chain with the creative team for regular updates and approvals. But software like Filecamp has made that cumbersome process easier, less complicated, and more accessible. 

In this review, we will talk about the beneficial features, performances, and cost packages of Filecamp in a comprehensive review. 

Filecamp – A Name Trusted by Many

The demand for DAM solutions are rising globally as more and more companies are focusing on better management of their media files. According to a report by Markets and Markets, the Digital Asset Management market is projected to grow from USD 2.44 billion in 2017 to USD 5.66 billion by 2022, at an expected CAGR of 18.3%.

For anyone looking to jump the bandwagon of digital asset management, Filecamp is the perfect bridge between free but inefficient options and expensive and complicated ones. From corporate big shots like Unilever, FSC, Lego, and The Wall Street Journal, to smaller companies and start-ups – a long list of over 70,000 reputed names use Filecamp to organize, review, comment, approve, update, share, and distribute creative projects in real time.

Pros of Filecamp as your Digital Asset Management softwar

Filecamp is a subscription-based SaaS DAM software that allows companies to streamline their digital media assets and access them at convenience. Founded in 2010 by two Danish entrepreneurs, CEO Jesper Faurby and CTO Keld Vraakjaer, Filecamp works out of their headquarters in Switzerland. 

Subscribing to Filecamp comes with its share of benefits – 

  • Granular access control – Filecamp offers the option of setting selective access control on digital assets. It means the admin can control who gets to access which files and cede out authority on a need-to-know basis. 
  • In-app communication – There is the option of commenting and approval within the software itself. With this feature, everyone involved with a particular project knows exactly where a design copy stands in terms of getting finalized. 
  • Themes and tags – Filecamp makes online proofing further easier with the option of multiple themes and the ability to read, write, and edit metadata in the software itself. 
  • Quick search option – Filecamp has the option of adding labels to every file which makes it easier to find a particular ne when needed. Be it an image, stock photo, company logo, video, presentation, or any other copy – it can be found by running a quick search. 
  • Sharing and distribution – Designs require to be approved by the client or third parties who do not have direct access to the system. Filecamp makes the process easier as you can bypass the need of flash drives or emails with huge attachments and simply share a link to the software with the stakeholders. They can access, review, or download the file directly from the link provided by the system. 

Other than these, Filecamp offers a host of other features as well which can be used extensively to the client’s benefit. Audit trail, click-on agreements, cross platform access, version control, WebDAV access, scalability, and SSL certificate ownership are few of the top-notch features offered by Filecamp.  

Make digital asset management easy and cost-friendly with Filecamp

Online proofing is not the only solution that Filecamp offers. It helps with comprehensive Digital Asset Management and Branded file sharing also. 

Filecamp has three different plans to cater to the varied requirements of their clients across industries. There are no registration fee or extra hidden charges – only what the package price says. Clients can upgrade or downgrade their packages anytime during the subscription. The Basic package starts at USD 29 per month with 20 GB storage, the Advanced package at USD 59 per month with 50 GB storage, and the Professional package at USD 89 per month with 100 GB storage. There are other additional benefits as well in every level as the price goes up. Filecamp offers a free trial for every new member to test and see if the software serves their requirements. 

Final Conclusion

If you want to make online proofing and overall digital asset management a part of your business operations, subscribe to Filecamp today for best services.