How to Get Paid on Instagram – Sponsorship Opportunities

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Only Work On Instagram!!!!

As of June 2018 the largest photo-sharing network, Instagram has 1 Billion active users.

Today everyone needs to be an Influencer on Instagram and earn money online. Some marketers are making millions on Instagram while others are still grappling to make even 1 dollar.

Majority of people think that it’s just a selfie app but very few people in the world know that they can easily make a six-figure income by just working a couple of hours on Instagram.

We can’t ensure that you will definitely make money but we will guide you how to get paid on Instagram by spending few hours of your day on this awesome application.

How To Get Paid on Instagram

How to start on Instagram (Follow these steps)

Step 1:- Choose a niche of your choice such as Tech, Food, Lifestyle, Health.

Step 2:- Remember Content Is King! Create an awesome content that attracts the attention of the visitor.

Step 3:- Write a bio with the goal so that your audience get to know full information about you and you can target the right audience.

Step 4:-  Share your Story:- About your personal life, travel memories, health tips, birthdays.

Step 5:- Choose an appealing Instagram theme that suits your niche.

Step 6:- Sharing photos with awesome content consistently is a way to get success on Instagram

Step 7:- Use pertinent hashtags

Step 8:- Engage with your audience and get noticed by giving an immediate reply to your audience.

Step 9:- Brands will start contacting you once you have a few thousands of followers and you will become a micro influencer.

Affiliate Marketing Instagram

Did you know that you can also make money via Affiliate Marketing without a website and youtube channel?

How?? Is it really possible

Yes via Instagram you can easily make 5 to 6 figure income per month which even website or blog owners can’t make.

Here are some Great Tips to Get Paid on Instagram

Tip 1:- Create your own brand by just focusing on one particular niche. Post stories, pictures, videos to create your own audience. You can become an influencer with a few thousands of followers and brand starts reaching you for a sponsored post. Every influencer has it’s own set of audience and the audience know the taste better so your target audience is exactly what you want.

The starting price of a sponsored post on Instagram is $300.

Tip 2:-  Do a competitor research and choose which product is in demand. You can use semrush to study your competitors. Sign up on popular Affiliate Network such as ShareASale, Amazon, Commission Junction(CJ), get your account approved, choose a product, create an affiliate link and start sharing with your audience.

Tip 3:- Use pertinent HashTags

People who use hashtags discovered quickly and gets more engagement as compared to one who posts without a hashtag.

Tip 4:- Tag Brands

Don’t forget to tag the Instagram page of your brand so that whenever post it will be discoverable to their followers as well.

Tip 5:- Start Reaching Brands for Sponsorship (Do some Business Development)

Once you gained enough followers on your Instagram page say 10K  you can start reaching brands by sending them an email and let them know about your brand benefits.

Append a Media Kit!!!!

I’ll show you how to write an effective email to pitch for a sponsored post.

Subject:- Interested in Cooperation

Dear Brand Name,

Hope you are doing great!

My name is ABC (write your name) and I own this Instagram Account (Your account link). My niche is(Your niche name) and I have followers(no of followers) from a geographic location(write geo’s).

I’m interested in promoting your brand on my Instagram page and like to share your products with my audience.

Would you be interested in doing the business partnership with us?

Let me know your thoughts.



Tip 6:- Run a Contest/Giveaway

Increase your engagement rate by running a contest/ giveaways with proper hashtags. Offer an Ebook or free products to your audience once you gain enough followers and later on, you can promote the advanced version of the same ebook/ product but this time it could be paid. I’m sure few of your followers will definitely buy.

Tip 7:- Cross Promote your Instagram Campaigns.

Promoting an Instagram account on other popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and help you to quickly increase your followers and make your campaign more effective which helps you in increasing your monthly income.

Tip 8:- Open your own Online Store.

Tip 9:- Sell your Instagram Account

Tired of using Instagram or want to start another business?

Hard work never goes in Vain

Fame Swap and Viral accounts are the 2 popular websites where you can sell your Instagram Account.

For selling websites, you can use Flippa.

How To Find Sponsorship?

Here are a few sites where you can create your account and directly communicate with the brands who are interested in advertising their product.

  1.    Revfluence
  2.    HootKit
  3.    FameBit

Final Thoughts

If you follow the above marketing hacks then I’m pretty sure you will create good In this review we have shared steps and tips to get paid on Instagram and create sponsorship opportunities. Branding, Affiliate Marketing, Brands,  for your business every month and easily make 5 figure income from your Instagram account.

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