Review: Indestructible XSEED Backup Cards for Crypto Private Keys

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XSeed - Backup Your Private Keys

A private key is a crucial part of crypto trading. It is similar to a password. It is used to sign transactions and act as proof of the ownership of a blockchain address. It is a secret number, a collection of randomly generated alphanumerical characters. 

Your crypto wallet has public and private keys. While anyone can use the public key/ address to deposit money, the private key is necessary to withdraw money from the crypto wallet. The private key is also stored in offline or physical wallets by creating a partition. Or, you can use smartcards or backup cards to securely store the information. The backup cards can hold private keys for multiple blockchain addresses. 

SecuX Technology is a famous company known for manufacturing some of the best hardware wallets in the market. The same company is also offering tamperproof, waterproof, and fireproof backup cards to save private keys. 

Company Overview 

SecuX Technology Inc. was founded in 2018 in Taiwan. The company launched the world’s first cross-platform hardware wallet the next year. SecuX Technology offers various crypto services such as payment solutions, hardware wallets, and backup cards. The company’s primary focus is to offer high-security devices to crypto users. 

How to Store Crypto Private Keys 

In simple terms, anyone who owns cryptocurrency actually owns private keys. And when others gain access to the private keys, they have access to your crypto funds. How well you protect the private keys determines how safe your cryptocurrency is. That’s why many people prefer hardware wallets or physical wallets and backup cards to store cryptocurrencies. 

Digital wallets are also safe, and even the vendor cannot access your funds or private keys. However, it is connected to the internet. This gives hackers a higher chance to break into the software and steal your cryptocurrency. Cyber crypto theft is not uncommon. 

When you use hardware wallets and backup cards, no one else but you have access to them. Moreover, thieves cannot decrypt the passwords or private keys when stored in physical devices. 

Features of XSeed, XSeed Plus, and XSeed Pro 

SecuX has three types of backup cards for private keys. Let’s look at their features in detail. 

XSeed range of backup cards offer private keys storage for up to: 

  • Eight wallets/ backup sets of twelve recovery words


  • Four wallets/ backup sets of twenty-four recovery words

The cards cannot be tampered with or destroyed using water and fire. It can resist heat up to 1454 degrees Celsius. Moreover, setting up the backup card takes only a little time. 

Use the provided engraver to note down the private keys on the aluminum seed, a punch set, and the stainless steel seed. 

→ XSeed

XSeed by SecuX is a backup card for private keys and works with software and hardware wallets. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum for strength and durability. An offline storage card cannot be hacked or stolen by cybercriminals, isn’t it?

The package contains two aluminum seed cards, two stainless steel cards, an engraver pen, tamperproof stickers, and a bespoke cardholder. 

XSeed is priced at $39. 

→ XSeed Plus 

XSeed Plus backup cards are made using high-quality stainless steel and keep the private keys safe from heat, fire, water, and online hackers. 

The package contains one aluminum seed card, three stainless steel cards, an engraver pen, a steel letter punch set, tamperproof stickers, and a bespoke cardholder. 

XSeed Plus is priced at $59. 

XSeed Pro 

If you want an indestructible backup card for private keys, go for XSeed Pro. It offers the highest level of security in the market. The concept of XSeed Pro is different from the previous two backup cards. 

You can insert laser-engraved letter titles into the card for ultimate security. The card is about 6mm thick and will not bend, break, or get damaged even in high explosions. 

Here’s how to store your private key in XSeed Pro: 

  • Open the seed storage and unlock the frame using the safety lever.
  • Now open the frame and insert the first four letters of all recovery words. 
  • Then insert all remaining words and lock the frame. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the lock. 

The package contains one aluminum seed card, stainless steel seed storage, an engraver pen, and tamperproof stickers. 

XSeed Pro is priced at $89.

Final Conclusion

Though you can use hardware wallets to store private keys, there’s a risk of losing access to your crypto assets if you forget the private key or recovery words. A backup card like XSeed is a secure and safe private key storage device that can be used with offline and online wallets. Your crypto assets, private keys, and recovery words are completely safe when you use SecuX products. 

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