CleanMyMac X Review: Optimize and Clean your Mac|100% Safe

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When Indie app maker MacPaw started launching cleaning software products, they didn’t imagine they’d have a following of over 5 million. MacPaw’s updated cleaning software called ‘CleanMyMac X’ currently has 5 million downloads and is understandably receiving a lot of regard in the tech community.

What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X is a cleaning/maintenance app with some extra security features. Users can remove unneeded files using this tool. Post-cleanup, Macs tend to become faster, and users experience fewer lags. 

The app boosts a Mac user’s maintenance process by – 

  • Enabling users to scan their hard drives for huge cache files that are unimportant. Mac users operating with small hard drives can easily gain quite a few GBs after each cleanup session. The app is safe and customizable. It will never delete a user’s personal or important files.
  • CleanMyMac X’s malware scanning feature help users track adware, spyware, malware, and other potential threats. Users can get optimum security by deleting these potentially harmful files and removing browser data whenever they use unidentified Wi-Fi networks. These in-built security features are welcome upgrades to this new version of CleanMyMac X. 
  • CleanMyMac X also allows users to keep track of app updates. Users can review the ‘app update tab’ to update or uninstall all apps (including the ones that aren’t from the iStore)

Addressing Common Queries about CleanMyMac X

  1. Is cleaning Macs with CleanMyMac X necessary?

We declutter our living spaces, so why not declutter our Macs using CleanMyMac X? A low-cost Mac cleaning software can prevent the buildup of temporary files. Users who use the CleanMyMac X hardly ever run out of space. The Mac’s configurations are optimal for longer periods as the device isn’t as slow when left uncleaned.

2. What does CleanMyMac X do?

Some of the tasks that CleanMyMac X runs on Mac devices include –

  • Locating and removing large cache files
  • Track app usage to recommend uninstalling the least used apps
  • Clean browser cache
  • Clean internet history
  • Eliminate malfunctioning apps
  • Reduce CPU load

3. Is CleanMyMac X safe?

Yes. Users can scan the app using security apps before installation. The app comes with zero viruses, malware, or harmful code. The app is Apple-notarized, and it constantly charts on the Mac App Store. MacPaw Inc. isn’t an Apple affiliate. Yet, it is one of the leading products on the Mac App Store. However, some users have reported deleting wrong files by mistake. So, users must be careful when passing certain instructions to the app.

4. CleanMyMac X Pricing Plans

All depends on how many mac machines you want to install the CleanMyMac X

1 Mac, purchase for $89.95 and subscribe for $34.95/year

2 Macs, purchase for $134.95 and subscribe for $54.95/year

5 Macs, purchase for $199.95 and subscribe for $79.95/year

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  • Keeps Mac devices malware-free.
  • Improves functionality and speed thanks to the boost-up tools added in the new version.
  • Updates or deletes applications, based on user preferences.
  • Clears all system junk.
  • Offers users a personalized cleanup experience. The ‘Assistant’ feature is very useful as it makes the app very easy to use.

Overall, buying a CleanMyMac X and downloading all app updates is the most economical option for users. They won’t have to spend heavily on a new cleaning or security app for a long time.

Key Features at a Glance

System Junk Removal – The app automatically locates and deletes large temporary or unimportant files that speed up the macOS and other apps.

System Junk
  • Photo Junk – The app scans and deletes unnecessary photographs.
  • Itunes Junk – Users of iTunes often bloat their apps with unnecessary cache data. CleanMyMac X runs constant scans to rid the system of this junk.
Mail Attachments
  • Malware Removal – It is never ‘not smart’ to scan for malware. Regular scans by CleanMyMac X always give Mac devices a bill of clean health.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Scan speeds are ten times faster compared to previous versions
  • Frees up GBs every day, making Mac devices run faster


  • Cannot locate or identify duplicate files

CleanMyMac X Ratings – How do the Features Rank?

  • Scanning Speed – 5/5
  • Device Optimization – 4/5
  • Device Maintenance – 4/5
  • Cleaning Efficiency – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • MacPaw Customer Support – 5/5

Overall, the new CleanMyMac X receives a 4.5/5 rating. Not many cleaning apps get such high ratings, but CleanMyMac X’s friction-free interface and enhanced security features make it worthy of such high praise.