How to Clean and Optimize Your MacOS using Dr. BuhoCleaner ?

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It’s no surprise that we cannot use many software apps with macOS. Compared to the number of software solutions developed for Windows, the percentage is quite less for Mac. But keeping the MacBook clean and free of trash is just as important. 

Mac users prefer using software exclusively developed for the operating system rather than use a universal app that is both Windows and macOS compatible. So is it really hard to find a cleaner for macOS? How will you optimize your device and improve its performance?

Dr. Buho is the answer. BuhoCleaner is a cleaning app that will boost the performance of your MacBook and keep it free of junk by deleting the unwanted files and leftover traces of applications.  

About Dr. Buho

Dr. Buho is a team of professionals who love to develop maintenance and utility software for macOS. The team describes themselves as an owl, which is known as Buho in Spanish. 

Dr Buho Cleaner

The BuhoCleaner is an easy and professional cleaning software that optimizes the performance of your Mac device and makes it super fast. 


Why Dr. Buho?

BuhoCleaner has a whole lot of features that make a worthy software for your MacBook. Let’s take a look at them in brief. 

1.One-Tap Junk Cleaning: If your mac seems to be running slower than ever, it needs a good round of cleaning to get rid of the unwanted files in the memory. The one-tap solution makes it an easy job of cleaning all the leftover files and apps in a jiffy. 

Junk Files found
Junk Cleaned

2. Complete Uninstall of Unused Apps: Moving an app to the trash will not remove it from the device. BuhoCleaner lets completely removes the traces of deleted and unused apps. 

App uninstall
App Uninstall

3. Boost Mac’s Speed: The software removes unresponsive files that reduce the speed and performance of the MacBook. This optimizes the device and makes it faster. 

4. Delete Large Files: Deleting large files can be a pain. It’s time-consuming, isn’t it? Not anymore. BuhoCleaner allows you to list all the large files in one place and delete the ones you don’t want in bulk. 

Remove large Files

5. Built-in Duplicate Remover: Every device has duplicate files we don’t even know existed. The software has a built-in widget that locates and removes duplicates from your Mac device, that too, in a single go. 

Duplicate Files & Folders

6. Xcode Cache Cleaner: If your MacBook doubles up as your developer workstation, all that Xcode and other tools can fill up the cache in no time. BuhoCleaner effectively solves this problem as well. 

You can check out the detailed user guide listed on the company website to know how to use BuhoCleaner software. 


BuhoCleaner is available in three price packages to meet varying demands. All three plans have 24*7 support services and a lifetime of free upgrades. 

  • The single plan costs $19.99 with a license for one Mac device
  • The family plan is priced at $29.99 with a license for three Mac devices 
  • The business plan costs $59.99 with a license for 10 Mac devices

The company is currently offering a discount of 50% on all plans. It is a limited-period offer (Spring Sale 2021). 

You can download the version of free trial before purchasing the software. The only difference between the trial and paid version is the delete capacity. For the free version, the delete capacity is limited to 3GB. There is no such limit in the paid version. 

In just three steps, you can start using the software on your Mac devices. Download the software, open the .exe file and install it on your device. That’s it. You don’t need anything else for the free trial version. 

For the paid version, you will need to add the activation code, which will be mailed to your email id when you purchase the license of the software from the company. 

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product.


Final Verdict

Whether you own the regular MacBook or the latest M1 Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, M1 Mac Mini, or even the Mac OS Big Sur, you don’t have to worry about not finding software applications to maintain the devices. 

BuhoCleaner works with the latest macOS and helps get rid of the unwanted junk that’s affecting the performance of your device. Your Mac will work perfectly well and deliver the best every time.