5 Best Wireless Gadgets That You Should Have in 2020 (Updated 2023)

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Technology has become so entrenched in our lives that it seems like humanity cannot live without tech gadgets. Gadgets have been getting smaller and smarter. They are also going wireless. The convenience of wireless gadgets means that you don’t have to trouble yourself with pesky cables, and you get an unlimited and remote control.

There are numerous wireless gadgets, and almost all are worth having. However, for now, we will focus on five wireless gadgets in particular that everyone should have come in 2020.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

It is said that music is food for the soul. If you are a music enthusiast, then wireless speakers should be at the top of your list.

Bluetooth speakers are usually small and light, so they are easily portable. They are also louder than your headphones or earbuds, and the quality of their audio is many times better. You can carry them around and listen to your favorite music on the go.

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. The most important factors to consider should be the speakers’ size and the capacity of their batteries. The speakers should also be capable of supporting the latest version of Bluetooth technology.

2.Tile Mate Tracker

Are you one to easily misplace or lose small stuff such as your phone or keys? If this is the case, you could use the Tile Mate tracker.

The Tile Mate tracker is a small gadget that measures 1.3 inches long and just 0.2 inches wide. It has an automatic adhesive that enables you to attach it to virtually any item, regardless of how big or small. Once attached, the tracker stays put and doesn’t easily come off. You can then use its accompanying app to track the item it is attached to – you will get the item’s precise location on the app’s interface.

This tracker is also capable of vibrating, flashing, and even ringing, which makes it easier to track the attached item. It is the best tracker to keep track of anything and everything.

3. Wireless Call Alert

If you are like most people, you often switch your phone to silent mode when at work or attending a meeting or class. And, like most people, you probably keep worrying that you will miss an important call. You probably find yourself glancing at your phone every so often, and this probably distracts you from whatever you are doing.

Now, you can switch your phone to silent and throw all your worries away using this wireless call alert gadget. The gadget monitors your phone and knows when someone is calling you. The gadget has an LED light that flashes repeatedly when someone calls. It flashes bright, so you cannot miss it. This means that you will never miss another important call again, and you don’t have to be distracted from whatever you are doing repeatedly checking your phone for incoming calls.

4. Jelly Comb Folding Keyboard

How often do you type? You do it every time you text, use the internet, and generally every time you use a phone or computer. It would be great if you had a full-sized keyboard, right? You could type faster and with more ease. The Jelly Comb folding keyboard is the ideal answer.

This keyboard has a miniature set of QWERTY keys, so typing is easy, fast, and comfortable. The keyboard is compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including computers and Smartphones and tablets powered by iPhone, Android, and Windows. As long as you use it for typing, and as long as the gadget it compatible with Bluetooth technology, it can be coupled with this keyboard.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it is portable. When folded, it becomes the size of a Smartphone. It is also incredibly light. Finally, it is durable because it is made of metal and strong polymer.

5. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

How would you like a pair of sunglasses that can double up as a pair of headphones? This is possible with this pair of sunglasses by Bose, one of the most notable names among audio gadget manufacturers.

This pair of sunglasses doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary. However, the frame is fitted with small but powerful speakers that deliver flawless audio right you your ears without the need for any extra equipment. You can stream music directly from the internet or using wireless Bluetooth technology straight from your phone, tablet, or computer. The best thing is that the audio doesn’t travel too far from your ears, so no one will be the wiser.

Final Word

Technology has made our lives easier, more fun, and more fulfilling. Wireless technology is the way of the future, and these are just some of the gadgets that every tech enthusiast should start with. They are incredibly convenient, easy to use, and affordable.