Android 10 Released: Is the New Android iOS-like?

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Android 10 is an OS that likes to tease its users. If the updates matter to you, you would know that all Android update releases are just like a teaser for the majority of users. It is not available for most people for at least a year — more likely two or three.

Now, as we mentioned, there are quite a few aspects where we see Android going towards an iOS-like interface.


android 10
Source: Google

Compared to how quickly and broadly iOS updates hit iPhones, Android always lied in a cold spot. But what’s new is that like Apple, Google is hinting pretty strongly that it’s going to get better this year. However, for now, the only people who can reliably get Android updates in a timely manner are Pixel owners.


The most important change that Android 10 users will notice is the iOS-like gestures.

Android 10 will replace all the buttons at the bottom with a single white bar, just like the iPhone. So, instead of using the “back button”, one would have to swipe right to go back, which was earlier used as an app drawer in Android. The other gestures have also changed like the iPhone, such as swipe up to go home and swipe straight across to switch between apps.

Dark Theme

Just like Night Light and the dark themes on upcoming iOS 13, Android is all set to offer a dark mode. But unlike the former, you can’t set it to turn on automatically at sunset.

Privacy and Permissions

One important revolution is the limitations on what apps can do and what information they can access, especially for location, which is clearly an iOS thing. Also like iOS 13, Android 10 will provide notifications when an app is accessing your location in the background.

Face Unlock like Apple’s Face ID

Google claims its Face unlock to work faster than the current version of Apple’s Face ID, even with the phone held in any orientation. Also, Pixel 4 users will be able to use Face unlock for secure payments and app authentication.

All that is well and good, but in the Android world, it may cause a stir. With the Android working more like the iPhone, all this may seem complicated for the users as much as switching to an iPhone.