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RELAY - The smartest phone for Kids

The Relay is a smart device which is made acknowledging the importance of a child’s safety. With the increase in chaos and crime rates, every parent is concerned with their child’s safety which is really a major concern. With the introduction of this device, you can keep your kids close to you even though they aren’t with just a click of a button. Also, this device is not limited to children and fulfills the need for teammates and can be a replacement for walkie talkie. Family members irrespective of the age can use it to stay in contact with each other and people who are outdoor enthusiasts can use it as well as this device is water resistant, rugged and distraction free.

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Features of Relay

  • One push button

There is only one single button provided on the device. This is provided because the need for a life away from all the virtual items has become extremely important. Everything nowadays has become virtual, including playing games online. Providing a life to the children where there is more human contact than an electronic device has been facilitated through this device. Providing ample use of technology where staying in contact with the elders is the only intention.

  • Talk, without a screen

Safety through this device is provided in the form of communication. Your child can communicate with you with just a press of a button. The child can press the button and talk to you, and you may respond at the same time, providing the space and freedom you grew up with. This has been provided to keep the child away from any other form of distraction and solely get him/her indulged in the environment around them.

  • Nationwide range

Communication is never going to move out of track as the coverage provided to this device is a nationwide range. No matter where your kid is, there is no point of fear of loss of communication with your loved one.

  • Stay close with the help of network connection

The coverage provided is as a result of the phone like system wherein, only the functionality is of a walkie talkie. The Relay works just as a phone does and has a safe and secure network, is 4G and wifi enabled, GPS is as well enabled in this device. The centre-most feature is that it stays within the control of the parents.

  • Durable and water resistant

As mentioned earlier, there is no chance of losing communication because irrespective of the place your kids are at or the activities he/she is doing this device is facilitated to work. This is because the Relay is durable and as well as water resistant because kids are mostly indulged in plays which may include water and mud.

A form of communication provided

  • Relay to Relay

Family members including children can connect via Relay to Relay after you set up a channel and connect both the Relays.

  •  Phone to Relay

For an alternative, you can connect to Relay via an app. The moment your child presses a button and leaves you a message, you will receive it in the app and can reply accordingly.

Let your kids live a life which is more exposed to natural things and beings, keep them within your care with the help of Relay.

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