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Twitter is a popular social networking platform where users from all the corners of the world post and interact with each other using tweets.In 2006 when Twitter has launched it was not popular among the users but over a period of time it has gained immense popularity among the users, professionals, business owners and has become one of the major sources of business in B2C and B2B segment.

Twitter officials recently announced to expand the limit of tweets from 140 to 280 to draw more users and thinking to expand the business as well.

expand limit of tweets

NOTE:- The new limit which is 240 has not been applied to Twitter users staying in Japanese, Chinese and Korean as the language of these countries can convey enough information in single character.

Why expand the limit of tweets?

The main idea behind the expansion of tweets is just to engage more users, as long the tweet is, more the followers and ultimately more business.

In a recent interview with one of the journalists of TechPcVipers, Aliza Rosen product manager of Twitter said: “ we just want our users to express their thoughts easily”.

Another reason to expand limit of tweets as Twitter feel that user of China, Japan, and Korean can easily convey their messages in 140 tweets as the languages of these countries can convey a lot of information in single character but English users are unable to express themselves hence limit has been increased to 280 for them while no change of limit to users residing in China, Japan and Korean.

After doing a lot of experiments and testing twitter official also feel that a set limit of 140 characters force people to remove important words and even sometimes they can’t express emotions which can be a major cause of frustration for people.

Final Conclusion

The aim to expand the limit of tweets is to get more followers, users can express themselves easily, more engaging content, express emotions which ultimately drive more business and Twitter to expand a business.

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