Why Apple First Computer Graciously Fetched 450 Times The Original Price?

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Apple First Computer

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What was your expression when you heard about this news the first Apple computer made sold for 450 times the original price? Didn’t you go awe-struck; even everyone went on to the same phase? So, we decided to have a brief discussion and answer all the questions as for why this hike in price was determined and why it was worth the rate.

Here are some unknown facts about Apple 1 Computer

Apple 1 Computer

  • As we all know that Apple 1 is the first computer that came into the market. It was a ready-made personal computer. Apple 1 original price was $666.66.
  • Apple 1 was designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (fellow-founder) in the year 1976.

Apple 1 is known to be one of the most highly developed computers of its time and here are the reasons why?

  • The very much attractive assembling and designing factor of this Apple 1 was that irrespective of other computers it had only one motherboard. So, those who were having computers other than Apple 1 needed to use motherboards for every component. It was the idea of Steve Wozniak.
  • MOS technology 6502 was used in Apple 1 that made the market value of the product easily affordable for the users.
  • During the year 1976 the memory of the computer was a significant struggle, but with Apple 1 this very problem was also rectified as it was well capable of holding 8 kb memory.
  • Apple 1 also became the eye-candy with its cassette interface feature enabling users to load and store software.
  • Apple 1 was the first computer that came with a keyboard connector.
  • During those times the Apple 1 used to come without any case that means if you were buying this product you were required to build your case.
  • There were many competitive computer brands out there during the launch of Apple 1, but still, it was considered to be the first option because of its small and compact size.
  • Now last but not the least the Apple 1 came along with a chip through which it can be easily connected with the television made it a first choice for every family.

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Final Words 

Thus after analyzing the particulars, it does not turn out to be a surprising fact for Apple 1 fetching 450 times higher of its original rate in the auction. It was undoubtedly the best high-tech computers of its time and is the most valued products of all times.


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