Top 5 Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends That Will Evolve in 2020

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Isn’t this fascinating?

Look around today and you will find yourself surrounded with all sorts of technological advancement. To top all the innovation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gadgets have made their way in the game. 2019, in fact, saw an evolution in the AR/VR gadgets becoming sleeker, modern, user-friendly and more accessible to the common hands.

However, the technology is yet to unfold its top cards. 2020 is the year which is going to witness incredible possibilities in the AR/VR trend across various domains like education, entertainment, automobile, communication, etc.

What is the Difference between AR and VR?

The basic difference between an AR and VR is in the kind of experience they give you. Virtual Reality (VR) is when you enter a computer-generated realm using headsets. On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) projects digital objects onto the real world via smartphone screens. Look how Google is using the AR/VR technology for creating an amazing experience.

Now that we have understood the concepts, let’s have a look at the top 5 AR and VR trends that will evolve 2020:

1. AR and VR Integrated with AI

Many developers and leaders are talking about the integration of artificial intelligence with AR and VR. The advanced AI technology will enable computers to visualize things through a camera and understand them. Through this integration, machine learning will become advanced leading the enterprises to drive more efficient decisions.

2. AR and VR Powered Next-level Education

The education sector is the next big area that is predicted to witness evolution through AR and VR technologies in 2020. Could you imagine medical students practising surgery or aspiring engineers exploring construction virtually? Yes, virtual reality is going to make that happen in the same way things happen in the real world without any kind of risks involved. Simultaneously, augmented reality will help send real-time information to students on threats, objectives, or best practices. This is the future of learning.

3. AR Driven Shopping and Entertainment

AR is the trending catchword which has the capacity to boost the economy as well. Nearly 100 million users are estimated to leverage AR-powered shopping and entertainment technologies in 2020. The trend is supposed to use the AR-enabled mobile devices to make the industry more robust and mature. The entertainment industry will experience gaming arenas, promotional campaigns, movies, marketing and sales to get have a significant effect. The use of this technology amongst manufacturers, retailers, and customers as part of their daily experience will also make shopping easier.

4. AR-Powered Vehicles

We are hearing about autonomous vehicles becoming a part of our everyday lives since long. But, it may still take a few more years to come to reality. Therefore, many automobile manufacturers have shown an active interest in other AI-based technologies to redefine the way people travel. 2020 will also see the implementation of voice assistants and in-car AR.

5. AR and VR Driven Communication and Socialization

Ever seen those sci-fi movies that boast of virtual meetings? You can now expect to be present somewhere without being there actually. AR and VR technologies are going to make it possible for your holographic projection to attend your morning meetings. Video conferences and meetings can now have an impression of personal presence through AR/VR. In fact, companies could have an AR-enabled work environment for their employees in the coming future.

Final Words

Though the future looks far away, it is not. Advancement in technology has been rapid and it is evident. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is going to take us places we have only seen in futuristic or sci-fi movies. In 2020, VR and AR applications will become increasingly sophisticated, yet accessible to the common man with higher quality visuals.