SkySilk Review 2019 – Is it the Best Cloud Service Provider?

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Being active in the market for some years now, I have totally understood the fact that you need to have Virtual Private Server (VPS) for establishing your business online with your own customized features and functionalities. It is one of the most trending and powerful ways to provide limitless options to users who want to host in the cloud.

SkySilk - Best Cloud Service Provider

However, some of the VPS services are not free and the ones which can be used freely are not that powerful to attract the users. Overcoming these matters, there is a new platform in the market called SkySilk. It offers attractive VPS services which are absolutely free to use.

It is a new company in the cloud industry which offers managed cloud hosting benefits. SkySilk is something about which everyone is talking. They are using open source technologies along with enterprise hardware for providing the maximum ease of using cloud hosting to each and every one.

Features offered by SkySilk

  1. Easy to use the platform:

One of the best features which tend to enhance the popularity of this platform is its ease of usage. The managed hosting providers take care to make this platform intuitive and easy to access. There are no hassles that will be encountered with the use of this platform.

Even if you are a beginner on this platform, you won’t face any issues or difficulties while accessing the various benefits and features available on this platform.

  1. Offers reward points:

Wouldn’t it be great to use such a platform that can offer you with rewards points for every transaction that you do? If this is something that impresses you, then SkySilk will surely impress you.

reward points

I was highly impressed with this feature offered by this platform.

The main idea behind this is that you are given certain reward points for every transaction that you do on this platform. Other than the transaction, this platform also offers reward points by other methods as well like liking and promoting it on social media platforms.

And now comes the benefit that really kept me hooked up with this platform and that is the fact that you can actually use these reward points to get more SkySilk resources or can also use them to buy benefits like gift cards, etc.

Since, it is a new thing introduced in the cloud industry, it is something that has really managed to keep the users engaged.

  1. Provides root access:

Unlike the most of the other cloud platforms which do not offer root access to its users and thus limits them from configuring anything on the server, SkySilk moves a step ahead and offers root access to its users.

Now, having some interest and knowledge about technology, I can totally relate to the ease that it will bring along.

With the root access to your server, you will be free to do anything on your server along with you will have the full access of configuring anything on the server without any limitations or boundaries.

Understand this with an example that you own a car and its stirring wheel is in your hands. You can move it and use it the way you like.

  1. Inexpensive:

Generally, it is believed that the cloud platforms which are offering so much of benefits, features, and ease, will be charged for a heavy price. Isn’t it? This is a common belief that we all have.

But, just like the other stereotypes, SkySilk is available to break this one as well.

Despite offering the desired benefits and features to their users, it is available at an affordable and inexpensive price range.

  1. 24/7 customer support:

Fearing that you might end up with some problems on this cloud platform and then will have a hard time to move out? If this is something that scares you, then SkySilk offers a way out.

It offers 24/7 customer support to their users so that they always feel that someone is around them during the time of emergencies.

It also provides an on which the users can communicate with one another for sharing their problems, their opinions as well as their suggestions. The users can also request the cloud platform to add some new features and considering the need, the community does respond by adding the desired features.

What you can dislike in this platform?

Other than these amazing features, there are certain things which I personally dislike about this emerging cloud platform. Here, I am sharing some of the features whose absence will surely make you miss their presence. Have a look:

  • Confusing templates:

Templates are designed to make your work easy, isn’t it?

However, the templates available in this cloud platform are somehow quite confusing for the beginners. Even after selecting the desired template, you have to deal with a lot of hassles to actually access it.

  • No windows support:

There is no provision for Windows server template in the present time. The team of SkySilk is in the planning phase to introducing this feature very soon.

  • New in the market and still in the beta model:

Though, the mentioned features and benefits are quite impressive, but there is a lot of scope for improvement. The users can access the servers freely but then they have to verify their account by using credit cards. You will also miss the availability of the PayPal option.

  • LEMP templates are missing:

This platform offers LAMP templates but there are still no LEMP templates in the list. The users also want to have Nginx option too which is also presently missing from the list.

Final Verdict

For me, SkySilk is an impressive cloud platform and is totally in its win-win situation. With all their features and benefits being a big hit in the market, a lot of other providers have started to copy them, especially their dashboard attraction.

You will get many features which are not found anywhere else and this is the core reason that SkySilk will be the next big fat attraction in the market for the users.

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