Podcasts ad revenues are estimated to grow about $1.6 billion by the year 2022

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Nowadays, the trend of creating digital records of broadcasts that the users can download via the internet is known as a podcast. Various kinds of audio podcasts have been around for a large number of years. But as far as gaining a business recognition is concerned, the trend has caught increment only in the past few years. The financial resources, as well as networks and infrastructure, are responsible for enhancing their recognition.

 The only things responsible for bringing the magic of radio to the young generation are podcasts. The best thing about podcasts is their versatility. Regardless of the area of interest, you name it and there is a unique podcast available for the same! Nowadays, a major portion of the ad money is migrating to podcasts owing to the massive audience size. Millions of people listening to podcasts is ever increasing with each passing year. Production values, high-quality content, and strong audience bases lead to the ever increasing number of podcasts being created.

Podcast Ad Revenue


Since the medium is facing a linear growth, ad revenues are also catching up. As for the media industry, podcasts have an infrastructure ranging from millions to a billion. In the previous four years, most of the industries have increased their revenue rates just via advertising. As far as the global media landscape is considered, the podcasting industry is estimated to reach a nine-figure component. Despite some observers having concerns regarding a bubble in the upcoming podcast industry, the boom is definitely underway, and it is going to be massive! Moreover, the young audience already has an affinity with podcasts. It is easier to convey ideas this way and thus, podcasts ad revenues are estimated to boom to about $1.6 billion by the year 2022.