Google Rolls Out 4 New Privacy Features for YouTube and Maps

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Image Source:– NY Post

In order to give the users more control over their privacy online, Google has rolled out a bunch of new features that let you minimize the amount of data tracked for your personal activities on its apps and sites.

The privacy features include auto-delete in YouTube and Google Assistant, incognito mode in Google Maps, and Password Checkup. Let’s see the Privacy Features for YouTube and Maps in detail.


YouTube users will now be able to set their search and viewing histories to auto-delete. The feature of removing a user’s location history was made available for its Maps app earlier this year, and due to its success and appreciation, Google implemented it to YouTube. So, the users can choose a time frame of three to 18 months and it will automatically delete their browsing and viewing history.

Google Maps

Google Maps will now have an incognito mode, which means, when it’s turned on, a user’s location won’t be recorded. So, users will be able to hide their movements.

Google Assistant

Google will also allow users to delete their voice histories from Google Assistant using a voice command. Going forward, users will also be able to delete data like YouTube history from their account just by voice commands like “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week”.

Password Checkup

Password Checkup will help you select a more secure password when you’re using something weak or generic. Also, if you’re using the same password for multiple accounts, that most of us often do, Google will point that out too.

All the new features are part of a broader attempt to make privacy controls the same across Google’s products. They will be available on Android this month and eventually for iOS